Summer is all about going to the pool, having a good time, and being outside. Summer is a perfect time to spruce up your home’s design. As you refresh your interior spaces with a bright and enriched look this Summer, embrace the sunny weather with optimism and jubilation. A few simple decor changes, ranging from bright colors to ostentatious prints, can turn your home into the Caribbean beach or relaxing lake cottage you’ve always dreamed of. With that said, summertime house decor is fun but can become a time-consuming job.

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All you have to do is get imaginative and incorporate some of these coolest decoration ideas into your home’s interior design. It’s crucial not to go overboard with the theme. You can give your interiors a chic and lively look by mixing some neutral dialects with some colorful accessories. Our quick rundown of Summer decorating ideas will give your home a scintillating and balmy look you’ll adore.

1. Make a Collage Wall

Make a photo wreath to relive your summer memories. For this garland, pick any of your old summer snaps, candid shots in flower gardens, pictures from your family trips, or by the beach. To make it more winsome and tantalizing, add some old souvenirs and dangling shells. To give it a touch of summer spice, create a faux wood backdrop and pop in some vibrant artificial flowers to match the theme. You can also hang some motivational quotes around the house to keep boosting up the confidence and mood of your family members.

Apart from the usual family portraits, there is something called dna art that is very chic and eye-catching these days. It’s a type of art in which your DNA is used to create personalized DNA portraits, fingerprint portraits, and kiss portraits. It is the most innovative type of art in the world. It’s easy, pain-free, and most interestingly, no two prints are ever the same! Swab the inside of your cheek for a DNA sample, then pick the design, color, scale, and frame from a large range, and your customized, one-of-a-kind DNA print will be ready! Dna Art is a special and unique way to decorate your summer room’s wall.

2. Go Citrus and Vibrant!

Lemons and Melons are what Summer is all about! Decorating with a bowl of citrus fruits, as simplistic as it may appear, can work miracles! It can shift the mood in a room and make it feel cheerful and more serene. You can also amp up the bar with fresh and fruity summer cocktails. Making a mojito or mai tai at a well-stocked table will instantly teleport you to your fantasy lakehouse.

3. It’s impossible to go wrong with flowers!

Summer is all about lush greenery, breezy outdoor activities, and bright flowers. Summer decor includes nourishing trees in the living room or a bright bouquet in a glass or neutral-colored vase. You may use a bouquet of fresh flowers in place of a lampshade to make the living room more pleasant, lively, and interactive.

4. Bring the beach Home!

The summer season would be incomplete without some fun at the beach. Give your house a pleasant beachy vibe by choosing some pastel and neutral shades for the walls of your living rooms and bedrooms. Turquoise-colored pillows, a rustic lantern, white accent chairs will surely complement the theme. Keep everything light and white. You can also go for a coral decor with lovely lime green and pale coral color scheme and bring perfect summary bling to the place!

5. Use tissue papers!

It is not what you think! Bright, bold, and differently hued tissue papers can help you add a splash of color to your house this Summer. Tissue paper flowers may be used as a replacement for fresh flowers. Surprisingly, the delightful tissue paper flowers will make a wonderful decoration. The paper flowers are low-cost and simple to produce. You can use sparkles, tassels, and even paper plants to give your tissue paper flower a new look.

Not only flowers but pinwheel paper fans also make up a great accessory for decorating your house. Summer recollections of our childhood are still associated with pinwheel paper fans. To add a splash of color to your living room, make an exquisite bouquet with some handmade pinwheels. You can make these lovely pinwheels in a variety of sizes to fill the vase. This centerpiece is ideal for Summer decorating. For your pinwheels, use some rare summer tones or vibrant colors. Put this vase anywhere you want, and you’ll get a lot of positive feedback.

Apart from all this, you can also make tissue paper lanterns! These multicolored summer design paper lanterns will add a statement necklace and a dash of Japanese style to your home this Summer. This basic DIY project is enjoyable for all members of your family. For your summer lantern, select neon yellow, purple, or mint green tissue papers to make it more flashy. You can use these bright summer lanterns both indoors and outdoors. These lanterns are ideal for a summer-themed party or as home décor.


Lightening the look of your home is not as tedious a task as it sounds. You can set-up a shady spot in your backyard, place some furniture and throw in some fresh cushions or pillows and enjoy your evening cocktails with your family there. It can also be as simple as adding some flowy curtains, repainting your patio furniture, and comparing and contrasting the summery shades for the theme of the house to make it look fresh and tropical.

Summer brings with it a lot of energy and enjoyment, and your home should represent that. For each bed, use a different theme. This Summer, go for pastels, neons, marine, beachy, and organic looks. It is often best to use natural light. After all, it’s summertime.