There are endless possibilities when it comes to home designs. Nowadays, it is possible to customize every single aspect of your home during or after the building process even though it is best to do it while the designing process is taking place.
By now, you must have seen people do awesome things with the designs of their homes which proves that there’s always a way to put your creative energy to good use. However, it is impossible that you haven’t noticed a pattern. Everybody always takes care about the exterior, outdoor and interior designs of their home without paying much attention to the design of the roof. This is because most people have no idea how cool their roof can look like. The roof is not there just to provide shelter from the elements and help with the regulation of the temperature.
The roof is a very important element of the entire home’s exterior design. It can make your home blend in with the rest of the homes in the neighborhood or it can make it stick out with a unique and creative feature such as a Topseal roof which can take the form of a green roof, a traditional roof or a more modern lead roof. Below, you are going to see designs of all of the mentioned roof types as well as many other amazing roof designs.

Welcome to a collection of Awesome Roof Designs That Can Increase The Outdoor Appeal Of Your Home. The goal of this new collection is to introduce you to some of the possibilities of roof designs.

When talking about awesome roofs it would be a crime to not mention the grass or more commonly known as “green roofs” which serve for more than just look great. A green roof would absorb the rain water as well as provide extra insulation to your home, but of course, its main feature is the awesome look that it provides which can be quite awesome if you are a person who loves the nature and wants to bring the outdoors inside your home.

Green roofs are amazing but that’s not the only thing that you can do with your roof. In some places, a well clad lead roof can enhance the more contemporary side of your home. If you want to choose something more modern,especially if you want to have more natural light, you can opt in for a fiberglass roof that can be fitted anywhere you want. But in the end, as you are going to see in the images below, the possibilities are endless and all you need is just an idea. Enjoy the following designs!

North Bay Residence


Home on Pemaquid Pond


Green Built Modern


Mountain Residence


Mid-Century Style Roof


Walnut Woods Residence


Lima Residence


Pigeon Creek Residence


Snake River Guest House


Salem Avenue


Farm House


Traditional Exterior


California Sustainable Home