Nature soothes the soul and inspires the mind, so why not consider some of these ways to open your home to the great outdoors?

Turn Over a New Leaf

A few well-placed houseplants can make all the difference to a room. Either a single specimen or a clustered variety of plants with different heights, colours and textures create a focal point and maintain that all-important connection with nature!

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Bright and Beautiful!

Because something is ‘natural’, it doesn’t have to be ‘neutral’! Look for inspiration from the great outdoors when deciding on your décor. Mother Nature seldom makes bad colour choices, so take a closer look at the combinations on offer – the mauve and yellow of a Michaelmas daisy, maybe, or the pale gold of sand against an intensely-blue sky could look fantastic in your home.

Walk This Way!

A patterned garden path that’s reflected in a rug or runner in an entrance hall leads you in in more ways than one. Using what outdoor space you have in this way often makes the indoors seem bigger, too. This is also true of designs of courtyards and patios, where patterns from decking, brickwork or trellis work well as elements in interior design schemes.

Picture This…

Prints and paintings of the great outdoors make for fascinating points of interest, as well as having a soothing effect on the psyche. Whether you choose a classic or a modern abstract piece, the shades and shapes of nature will introduce a positive input into your home. You may even be inspired to produce a work of art yourself, so dust off those brushes and see what happens!


Light Up Your Life!

There are many options by way of table lamps, standard lamps or down-lighters that can be cleverly employed to mimic natural pools of light, but if you are fortunate enough to have large windows, then just let the light flood in! Having your windows cleaned can make a bigger difference than you think, so make sure yours are sparkling! And if space allows, why not consider a beautiful glass panelled doorway to really link you with your outdoor space? This fantastic addition to your home ensures you can be up close and personal with the plants and wildlife around your home whatever the weather.


Really get into the great outdoors and feel really great indoors, too!