Most of your valuables will be easy to move into a new house. You can wrap them up in crumpled newspaper or fresh bubble wrap and then stuff them into labelled cardboard boxes. Then you can pile those boxes into the back of a moving truck and haul them over to the next location. It won’t be any trouble.

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Your furniture, on the other hand, might not be so easy to move. Read these tips to find out what you can do to prepare your furniture for moving day:

Measure Everything

Will your sofa make it through your new front door? Will your mattress slide through the hallway? Will your antique dresser get down the stairway without a scratch? You don’t want to find out that the answer is “no” in the middle of moving day.

The best way to figure out if these pieces of furniture will be easy to move is to take measurements well ahead of time. Measure your furniture and then measure any passageway it will go through (doorways, hallways, stairwells). Is there enough room? If not, then you will have to come up with a different exit/entrance strategy.


What if your furniture is too big? Transport it in smaller pieces! Disassemble it, put it in the moving van and then reassemble it in your new home.

For instance, an IKEA bookshelf should be simple to take apart for your big move. Not only are the pieces designed to be put together and taken apart, but they also come with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. If you’ve lost the assembly instructions, don’t worry. One of the perks of IKEA’s website is that it has downloadable copies of its assembly guides. Simply search for the product, click on its page and get a digital copy.

Remember to stay organized to make sure you’ll have a stress-free reassembly. Follow these steps:

  • Keep all small elements like screws, nails, nuts, anchors and hooks in a plastic bag.
  • Tape the plastic bag to a part of the furniture.
  • Label the disassembled pieces (for example, desk leg #1, desk leg #2, etc.)
  • Keep a copy of the assembly instructions if you have them.

Get Replacements

If you can’t disassemble and reassemble your big furniture, you might want to get some replacements.

Look for replacements that will be easier to move with. For instance, if you need a new dining room table, a Transformer Table dining set could be an exceptional choice. The entire dining set is adjustable. With the help of customizable panels, you can expand the dining set to fit a bigger guest list or room size. These panels can be easily removed and put away to shrink down the set’s size.

It’s an ideal pick for moving day. You can pack the panels separately and reassemble the table in your new home.

Hire Professionals

What should you do about furniture that’s heavy and awkward to carry? To save yourself from property damage and personal injury, you should consider hiring professional movers to take care of these pieces of furniture. They will have the athleticism, the equipment and the experience to tackle this project without trouble.

Before you hire anyone, make sure you’re not falling for a moving company scam. Do some research first and look for red flags.

Moving your furniture can be a real pain. Follow these tips to make the process much smoother.