Your couch is the hub of family activity and a place that guests will gravitate to. That empty space is the perfect opportunity to make a bold, gorgeous visual statement. We’ve rounded up some captivating, inspiring ideas sure to add major impact. Decorating over the couch can be tricky. The space is usually big, blank, and highly visible. That prime decorating space is usually between six to eight feet wide. That is a huge area and should be treated as a huge area when thinking of accessories that will work. It other words, think big!

White Sands Simple Wooden

Beach House Memories Collage-Style Collection

Edwardian School House Wall Mounted Chalkboard

Dorothy Gale's Prairie Home Lettering

University Days Antiquated Wall

Farmhouse Pantry Freestanding Hutch

Nantucket Style Seaside Backdrop and

Norwegian Symmetry Framing Display and Wild Wreath

Shabby Chic Hunting Lodge Wall Mount and Rustic Art

City Factory Suspended Sofa Shelving

Cozy Vintage Farmhouse Repurposed Window and

Metro Studio Picture Frame Runner

Venice Beach House Free Form Picture Display

Cerulean Blue Background and Bicycle Mount

Outdoor Socialite Duo Mirror and Stag's Head Wall

Chelsea Editor Style Circular Mirror

Clean Cut Wooden Shelf Runner

Uptown Girl Trendy Gallery

Provincial Maison Style Cathedral Mirror and Floral

English Parlor Botanica Wall