Everyone loves to get something for cheap and what’s cheaper than recyclable items. With that in mind we’ve selected a few of our favourite things you can make from recyclable products you have lying around the house. Inspired by : PG bingo  – Easy Recycling

1: Mini Piñatas

These adorable little items are rather surprisingly made from just cereal boxes and some coloured crepe paper. All you have to do to make them is cut an animal shape into both sides of the cereal box and then cover it in crepe paper. You then cut out a small trapdoor underneath and fill it with sweets.pinatas

2: Toilet Roll Bracelets

This piece of costume jewellery is incredibly easy to make. All you need is some old toilet rolls, wool and of course glue. Simply cut the toilet roll in half and add a thin line of glue to each cut segment. Then after you apply the glue you then wrap coloured wool of your choosing around the rolls of cardboard and voila instant bracelet.  If you’re feeling creative you can try mixing and matching the wool to make interesting and unique designs.bracelets

3: Creepy Candlescandles

These spook-tacular candles are made from paper towel tubes and a creepy graphic of your choice that you can print off and attach. To get the dribbling wax effect you just use a hot-glue gun and let the glue globules dribble down the sides.

4: Shampoo Bottle Phone Holderholder

Not only is this rather cute but it’s extremely practical. This handy little item is comprised of a shampoo bottle that’s been cut apart and had its sides smoothed down. The designs on the holders are made from fabric of your choice so you can customise it to your own personal preference. Just cut the fabric to fit the bottle and glue it into place.

5: Pot Catpot cat

To make this adorable kitty, all you have to do is cut an old plastic bottle in half whilst leaving two triangles for the ears and then spray paint it white. After the paint has dried you can then stick on a cardboard cat face that’s either drawn or printed out.

These are just a few things you can do with your old recyclables, so next time your garbage is piling up high, why not see if you can make anything out of this list.