2020 saw people spend hours stuck at home, unable to go out and experience nature. So, they hacked a way to work from home and still connect with the outside world by using botanical wallpaper! This interior design has grown in the last year, boasting various plant elements and slowly weaving its way into people’s homes. People have found ways to make this wallpaper pop out even more in their bathrooms, porches, and even living rooms.

What is Botanical Wallpaper?

Botanical borrows from the biological term botany, which is the study of plants. As you may have already guessed, botanical wallpaper focuses on plant elements. Therefore, it can feature anything from woods to bananas down to palm trees. In addition, it features natural plants with their prints. Now, considering that we have at least 380,000 plant species across the globe, you can imagine how extensive the botanical collection is!

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Why is Botanical Wallpaper Trendy?

People are now embracing more color in their homes. Gone are the days when people stuck to dark or light tones, afraid to color outside the lines. Nowadays, very few people want to stick with the old patterns. Instead, they want to venture into what else is out there, making the botanical wallpaper such a good choice.

Think about it. Bringing in a plant from outdoors automatically makes a room feel cleaner and even more relaxing. Plants have that effect on human beings- that is why a few days of camping or even glamping leave you feeling re-energized. So, you can imagine how much being around botanical temporary wallpaper would work wonders for your wellbeing!

As your eyes skim over the green color and even the woods, you will feel drawn to nature. Studies show that human senses associate visuals with memories. For example, looking at a picture of a rose flower may have you recalling its sweet smell and feeling at ease. That alone is enough to make you feel at peace. It is no wonder so many people opted for botanical patterns during the COVID pandemic when this tranquility was hard to achieve.

Green is terrific in evoking both calmness and strength. Besides, it also signifies growth, and people often associate it with spring when everything comes to life. This continued growth gives people hope that even when things die down, all will be well. Who would not want to be around such life? Furthermore, studies show that green also has a balancing effect coupled with endurance and tolerance. Interestingly, people who have plants in their homes report a sense of contentment. It thus follows that installing such wallpaper in the home would have a similar effect, yes?

Botanical Wallpaper Ideas

While these wallpapers are magnificent, they require a lot of planning to get them right. You see, while most people find them interesting and love being surrounded by the colors and life, others find them unsettling. So, you need to make sure that you serve both interests with one installation. Does it seem like an arduous task?

It is pretty easy once you master a few trends:

Maiden Grasses

Some people may not appreciate the bold colors in the standard botanical wallpapers. If this feels like you, here is some good news- you can go with grasses instead! Grasses come in different colors- green, brown, and even gray, depending on the manufacturer. So, they still connect you with nature without immersing you too deep into the forest. Plus, they are delicate and an easy way to ease you into the botanical trend.

Of course, such grasses create an edgy look. If you want a masculine look, you can couple them with some grays, whites, blacks, and a bit of yellow, and you should be fine. For a more feminine approach, substitute the yellow for some pinks and use more whites than blacks.

Banana Leaves

These broad leaves are easily noticeable and make the perfect choice for anyone looking to make a statement. They are genuinely tropical vibes and can work with pretty much any color. Their green hues are enough to make your home feel like an island destination. However, they may not work for someone who feels hesitant to introduce a lot of color at once.

Given the large foliage on the wallpaper, it is best to work with natural textures. Of course, this will lean on a boho style, but you can always try and modernize it if you want. Work with neutral colors to avoid creating a busy look that may otherwise overwhelm the banana concept. Does that mean you cannot add more patterns? Not quite- you can always add more textures and patterns, provided you do not go too bold with the colors.

Find your inner interior designer and figure out what can work with this bold statement. Remember to add a bit of your style to complement the look. For example, if you want the wallpaper to stand out, make the background whiter, and the patterns will jump at you.

Large-scale wallpapers like the banana leaves are much easier to work with than smaller patterns. With smaller ones, you have to rack your head to figure out what can complement them, which can be a hassle.


Manufacturers have gone all out with their forest wallpapers, with some even depicting the Amazonian Forest. So, whether you are working with a forest complete with animals or some simple woods, you will enjoy the jungle vibe. But, of course, such a concept will be much darker than the banana foliage. So, it will lend more character to a room and can easily be a focal point. Because of this, you will want to avoid having too much going on as a slight wrong move could have a considerable impact.

Incorporate reflective textures in the room to ensure that a lot of light gets bounced around. Else, the room will have a very dark allure which can hamper the mood. Consider bringing in more metallics and even a mirror.


Keep in mind that brighter colors will always have a more domineering effect than neutral colors.

The botanical wallpaper trend will be here for a long time. It might be time that you, too, also jumped on the bandwagon and delighted in this interesting concept. What say you?