16 Creative DIY Canvas Paintings You Can Easily Add To Your Decor

Maintaining an artistic presence on your walls is very expensive. You can spend an entire fortune on overpriced “original” pieces that you can buy in home decor stores although there are copies of them stacked on the shelves. The worst part is that the designs that you can find there are nothing special, in fact, they are probably printed from random pictures or quotes found on the internet. So why spend so much money on something you can do by yourself? It is not difficult at all, especially if you have a guide along the way.
Do not keep a blank wall in your home. We will show you a cheap and easy way to blanket your walls with DIY canvas paintings that you can make all by yourself.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we want to show you 16 Creative DIY Canvas Paintings You Can Easily Add To Your Decor. Check out these super cool idea below and you will find all kinds of designs from artistic, modern canvas paintings to rustic looks that you can upgrade your home decor with. Do not worry if you don’t consider yourself an artist because these projects come with well documented tutorials that can guide you with step by step instructions. Enjoy!

1. Song Lyric Wall Art

2. DIY Art Hi Painting

3. DIY Canvas Painting Anyone Can Make

4. Abstract Flowers Canvas Painting

5. DIY Herringbone Canvas Art

6. DIY Abstract Heart Painting

7. Quote Canvas Art

8. DIY Bubbles Art Painting

9. Handpainted Daisy

10. Geometric Canvas Painting

11. Dandelion Canvas Painting

12. Geometric DIY Art

13. Paint A Cityscape

14. DIY Chevron Heart

15. Graceful DIY canvas paintings

16. Stencil Text On Fabric

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