A marriage proposal or engagement announcement marks the maturity of the courtship period. Before you pop the most important question, you must arm yourself with the right weapon. In this case, it is a beautiful and glittering diamond ring. A high carat solitaire will strengthen the chances of a positive response. But one cannot expect to walk in a jewelry store, and pick a ring for the “bride to be.”

A Guide To Purchase The Best Engagement Diamond Ring - stone, ring, metal, gemstone, engagement, diamond, color, clarity

Which aspects must one consider?

If you want to sweep her off her feet, then a little research is a must. It is not easy to purchase a diamond ring. Not all diamonds possess equal worth. It is not only because of the carat weight. Here are some other aspects, which play a massive role in determining the beauty, and worth of a gemstone:

  1. Colors of the stones – Diamonds occur naturally inside the earth’s crust. A slight change in the heat and pressure will impart a different color to each solitaire. Blue, yellow, and pink diamonds are rather rare. So, they are often beyond the reach of commoners. But most people incline towards while diamonds for marriage or engagement purpose. White color signifies purity, and it also reflects light better than the other hues.
  2. Clarity of the stone – There are natural flaws in each store. These flaws are termed as inclusions. A stone with minor inclusions will come with a high price tag. Gem experts grade solitaires IF for ‘Internally Flawed’ and FL for ‘Flawless.’ If you are on a fixed budget, then you can seal the deal with an SI marked rare pink argyle diamond rings. Here, SI means ‘Slightly Included.’ It is almost impossible for one to detect the inclusions with the naked eye.
  3. Cut of the diamond – Diamonds are more popular than other rare gems as it can reflect light. The brilliance and sparkle of these solitaires mesmerize onlookers. Most of the light-reflecting property depends on the cut of the stone. If the edges are rounded, then it will not have a brilliant sparkle. There is a high demand in the market for diamond cutting experts. It is a meticulous task. One small slip can form a crack in the stone, robbing it of its beauty.

Picking the right metal

If you desire a custom-made ring for your fiancé, then selecting the diamonds is the first hurdle. After this, you need to pick a precious metal that will hold the stone in place. A silver band complements while and blue diamonds, as both reflect white light. For pink, red or yellow diamonds, one can opt for golden bands. Most young couples seal in their marriage vows by exchanging diamond solitaires, embedded on platinum bands.

Some people like simple metal bands so that the stone gets all the attention. If you want an extravagant ring for your lover, then etchings can be done on the band. If money is not an issue for you, then you can place additional smaller diamonds on the sides of the metal band.