Creepers are blowing up the fashion scene, especially when it comes to celebrities and street style. This style of shoe was developed in 1949 by George Cox and marketed under the “Hamilton” name, and were taken up by Teddy Boys in the 50s. They used to wear them with drainpipe trousers and pompadour hairstyles, and they are the reason why creepers are today considered one of the staples of a 50s look. There’s a perfect pair of creepers for each and everyone, even if you don’t like the classic sole there are more styles with higher platforms, too.

To get more formal, yet semi-professional look with creepers – although creepers pretty much evoke such youthful attitude – invest in a blazer and pair it with any staples that comfort you best. From mini to midi to maxi, from pleated skirt to skater to full skirt to the flowy one, creepers with skirts can really change the boyish look given by the shoe into a girly chic yet edgy and striking enough with the mix of boyish-meets-girls androgyne styles. From winter to summer, from denim to tailored shorts, creepers look incredibly fun with shorts. Depending on temperature of the days, creepers are great to paired with various types of hosiery including tights, opaque stockings, high socks or thigh highs. You better know though that with creeper shoes, you either go bold or go home. There’s no hiding them under large trousers, or leg warmers. Those shoes are big and you need to show them. So if you don’t actually love them, don’t buy them because you’re never gonna find an outfit that is suitable for you. Although sometimes creepers are considered as a bizarre fashion item, hated and loved at the same time because of its masculine thick appearance, actually it’s still possible to fashion a delicate look with creepers. The trick is to invest in creepers with candy pastel or cheerful colors such as light yellow, baby blue, or powdery pink, and pair them with chic, delicate, and feminine outfits.

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