Why epoxy? Epoxy floorings are well-loved among commercial spaces. It is undeniably a good investment for business owners. Nowadays, the benefits of epoxy-flooring extend among residential properties.

At home, garage areas now receive pampering and attention. The garage floor coatings San Diego protects and nourishes the floors. Applying coatings for garage floors will make stains disappear. It offers easy and low-cost maintenance to homeowners.

Commercial properties reap benefits for providing durable material for various business spaces, indoor and outdoor. It is the go-to fix for commercial pools and garages. To help you choose, here is a list of reasons why you should invest in epoxy flooring.

6 Reasons To Invest In Epoxy Flooring - home, garage, flooring, epoxy

1.Moisture Reduction

The concrete floor’s number one enemy is water. When concrete is too damp, the tendency is that corrosion will happen. Continually exposing the cementitious material to the water will soften the substrate. An epoxy coating as a solution will add a layer of waterproofing to the concrete. It helps resist liquid from seeping into the pores of the cement.

The deeper reason you should invest in enhancing your floors with epoxy is to protect the concrete system from the harmful effects of water. When moisture and dampness linger on the floors, it will prompt molds and mildew to breed o the surface. This will cause extensive damages to the floor, which you have to avoid.


The epoxy coating improves the floor’s resistance to damages. This will help your business save a lot of cost from constant repairs. You will not need to spend on expensive maintenance. Stains repel quickly. Cleaning an epoxy -enhanced flooring

Epoxy flooring withstands heavy-foot traffic, so it reduces wear and tear. An increased lifespan of the floor helps you increase your property’s value. It is also the solution for providing heat-resistance to your garage flooring.

Epoxy is also a cost-effective solution for a pool deck repair. Expert pool installers will recommend finishing the poo decks with clear epoxy coating to improve slip-resistance.

3.Antimicrobial Floors

The flooring surfaces become antibacterial when applied with epoxy. Standard cementitious flooring is made of porous materials. Having tiny holes and openings lets air and water get in the sub-layers of the concrete.

This is also where the floors become a breeding ground for bacteria. Sealing the top layer of the concrete flooring will cover-up the pores from the surface and prevent microorganisms from harboring on the floors.

4.Dozens of Colors and Designs

There is probably no other flooring that can offer numerous patterns and designs. This is why epoxy is called the “King “ of floorings. Its ability to produce and create interactive, innovative floor images makes it one of a kind.

Imagine having realistic waterfall imagery on the footings in your interiors. The walls are not the only ones you need to decorate. It is the floors’ time to shine now. With vibrant images, this brings the floors to the next level.

You can combine colors utilizing a metallic epoxy system. Besides achieving a lustrous surface, you can create amorphous and pearlescent patterns when mixing two or more metallic tones. Be more creative and experimental if you apply 3D epoxy. With this, you can achieve embellishing your brand or logo to decor the floors. Or have optical illusion patterns for uniqueness.

5.Faux Floorings

Get your wooden floors, tiles, or even marbled floor right on your property. With metallic epoxy, a pearl-like surface will emerge in your concrete surfaces. You will also be able to create marbled patterns by mimicking different pigments of epoxy.

While pouring the epoxy design coat on top, you mix, use two pigments, and apply them in a morphing blending pattern. Flaked epoxy is another option where you can play with the colors. This type is common among garage areas. Flaked patterns add to the visual texture of the flooring.

The flaked floors are best suitable among commercial or small retail spaces. Terrazzo epoxy is one that incorporates glass particles and stone chips, and marble. They form a sand-like appearance and a rough surface. These are perfect for outdoor concrete, especially along the pool area.

6.Quick Cure

Installing epoxy will be no stress for you. You can also DIY epoxy floors. The maximum curing period for the epoxy coating is up to three days. When you pour the mixture on the surface, the coating dries fast. You can walk on the surfaces in just less than 24 hours. For close spaces like gyms, kitchens, and garages, epoxy needs a maximum of 72 hours to cure completely.

Having said all these, epoxy makes the best investment when improving your properties. It only serves you minimal to zero downtime. Business and life go on even if construction is ongoing.