As a homeowner, you need to ensure your garage door seals are tight, especially during the winter season, to keep your space warm and lower your utility bills. As winter approaches, there’re many ways you can incorporate to keep your garage warm. These ways can make your garage feel more comfortable and protect it from moisture damage during winter.

5 Ways to Weatherproof Your Garage Door - weatherproof, garage door, door opener, automatic

Here are some tips that can help you keep of cold air from your garage:

Start by Cleaning Your Garage

The first thing you should do before you start weatherproofing your garage is to clean it thoroughly. Harmful substances such as dirt, debris, leaves, mulch, and bugs might be lying in your garage space without you noticing. So, ensure you sweep your entire garage door services before winterizing. Clean the floor, then your walls. Ensure you eliminate all dust, dirt, and cobwebs.

Insulate Your Garage Door

The next step after cleaning your garage is to insulate the garage door. Like your home walls, your garage door also needs insulation to prevent heat loss through the garage. Door insulation ensures your garage stays warm during the cold season. Garage door insulation varieties you can buy include fiberglass, foam boards, and reflective barriers.

When insulating your garage door, be careful when cutting the insulation so that it fits well in your door panels. Then use an adhesive to secure each piece of insulation. Once you’re done with the installation and still cold air keeps getting inside your garage, replace your current door with a new and insulated door.

Check and Replace Weather Stripping, Cracks, and Holes in Your Garage Space

Many homeowners overlook checking weather stripping around their garage doors. Failure to check on weather-stripping seals can cause your door to crack due to harsh weather. Apart from harsh weather, closing and opening your door repeatedly can render your door ineffective.

Ensure you replace your garage door seals in case you notice any visible damage in the weather stripping. You also need to remove any snow in the area when applying door seals. This ensures that the snow doesn’t interfere with the photoelectric eye, which might partially bring down your door. When you decide to remove the old seal and apply a new weatherstrip, replace your weatherproof seal with a high-quality product that can withstand any temperature.

Use Automatic Door Openers

One of the main reasons why cold keeps on getting in your garage is failing to close your garage door properly. However, people forget to close their garage doors more often since they think doors are not the main entrance of cold. Door opening and closing have been made easier, thanks to the modern automatic opener.

So, if you’re that forgetful when it comes to closing your door, don’t worry. You can contact professional garage door to install an automatic door opener in your garage. Ensure the automatic door opener is equipped with a timer to automatically close it whenever you forget to close within a set time. Also, a remote monitor will alert you if the door fails to close. Don’t take chances; instead, invest in an automatic door opener to protect your garage space.


If you cannot do weatherproofing by yourself, don’t freak. Contact professional garage door services to help you out. Professionals will save you money by providing weatherstrip replacement, improving your garage door efficiency, and offering preventive maintenance. Remember, the goal is to protect your property and not to damage it. So, take utmost care when handling it.