Whether your house is new or old, wood floors can undoubtedly be the right timeless addition. They can be durable, sustainable, and functional. Not to mention, hardwood floors can increase the value of your property.

However, you may be presented with an array of choices other than wood. Many people prefer the modern minimalistic design, the antique stone look, or another style.

So, why should you go with wood floors? Let’s go over five things you should know about wooden floors.

5 Things You Should Know About Hardwood Floors - wooden floor, interior design, hardwood, floor

Wide Range of Styles

Getting wooden floors is a big statement because they will be a significant element of your home. Therefore, you should carefully go over the massive collection of wood. But, it shouldn’t be hard to find the right colors to match your home and the right wood to fit your lifestyle.

Hardwood isn’t the only choice. You can even take a go at mid-level hardness or softer woods. However, you should speak to an expert in the area before deciding. For the widest range of parquet and engineered wood flooring visit Havwoods.

Different Installation Styles Offer Unique Designs

You have the freedom to bring out your creativity with wooden floors. The reason is that they are highly customizable.

You can look into various plank lengths and widths to pick the right one. Alternatively, you can get a mixture of both if you have a style in mind. Other than that, you can try different edgings, board thicknesses, coatings, sealants, and finishes.

Wood offers you the ability to experiment and create something unique. Also, no two trees are ever the exact same. That means the wood itself will be unique from others.

Wood Is Cost-Effective

Replacing or installing any flooring will definitely come with a significant initial investment. However, some options can be more affordable than others. You also have a choice between different materials.

Comparatively, wood can last a long time and be worth the money. It can also cost less than alternatives, and you can really lower the costs by looking at cheaper types of wood. Usually, faux wood is considered to be the most affordable option.

When looking over the prices, don’t forget that you need to purchase other materials and find a professional skilled in hardwood floor installation.

Comfort and Convenience

Wood can’t be as comfortable as carpets or even as soundless. But, they can still be a comfortable and convenient option for your home.

By asking or looking around, you can easily find ways to limit the squeaks and noise the wooden floors make. As mentioned previously, there are many choices of wood. Each of them offers something, and you can easily find a comfortable option.

Cleaning Is Easy and Essential

You obviously need to keep the floor clean. But, wooden floors last long and even thrive when they’re kept clean.

Fortunately, cleaning is not a challenge when it comes to wood floors. You can use a dry mop or a vacuum cleaner to get the job done quickly and easily. By sticking to a consistent cleaning schedule, you can keep the wooden floors brand new.