Design trends change every year which can make it difficult, and potentially expensive, to maintain the latest trend in your home.

Of course, the decision to keep up with the trends isn’t just a financial one. Choosing to adopt a trend means that you actually like the trend and feel it can enhance your home as well as reflect your personality.

5 New Home Design Trends We'll be Seeing In 2020 - trends, pattrns, home design, ecological, countryside chic, Black, 2020

If you’re considering changing the décor in your home you’re going to want to know these 5 home design trends for 2020:

1. Custom Pieces

One of the biggest upcoming trends is to stand out and be different. Customized features and structural steel fabrication designs will start to appear in many houses.

The standard of finish needs to be high-class but the design can be anything you want, the only limit is your imagination.

Steel will be the design material of choice as it’s durable and can be contorted into a huge variety of shapes.

It’s critical to understand that this trend is not about getting the latest hand-blown glass ornament, it’s about designing something that reflects your personality and works in your home on a decorative and practical level.

2. Ecological

Thinking about the environment is not a new trend, more and more manufacturers are pushing their ecological designs that use recycled materials and are not harmful to the planet.

But, the trend this year is to take this a step further and plan for the long-term. In short, you should be looking to purchase furniture that is ecologically built and designed to last for years.

In reality, this means you’ll be paying more for the item but it will be durable, saving you costs in the long term and helping to save the planet.

As part of this, it will be important to make sure that all items you purchase are made from sustainable materials.

3. Countryside Chic

The farmhouse look has been done several times and is starting to look tired unless you actually own a farmhouse. But, this year the trend will be to adopt a European take on farmhouse trends. That means mixing classic looks with modern décor to create a touch of the country in a modern home.

4. Black

Black walls, or cupboards and countertops in your kitchen, are going to be big this year. The idea is that the black gives the room a deeper, warmer feel than the starkness of white or off-white colors.

Of course, this won’t work if you try to put black into a small space. You need to be able to balance this out with other colors. But, that’s a real plus this year, the trend is to mix and match, putting bright with dark and colors that don’t usually go together.

5. Patterns

Patterns tend to fluctuate in and out of design trends and this year they are definitely in. The brighter and bolder the statement, the better.

The key is to ensure the patterns are colorful and reflect the room they’re in.