When it comes to selecting jewelry, you may find that the process is more challenging than you initially thought. Like clothing, each piece is unique, and what looks good on some might not suit others.

Luckily there are some rules that you can follow so that you don’t get so overwhelmed. Once you know where to begin, you’ll never have to stress again.

Want to learn more? Below, we will take a look at some different tips on choosing jewelry.

How to Choose Jewelry That Suits You - women, jewelry, fashion

Determine your undertone.

The first step in picking any type of jewelry is to determine which metal looks best with your skin tone. To do this, you’ll need to observe your veins.

Blue/purple: Are classified as cool – Lighter metals, including things such as platinum, white gold, and silver, complement this.

Green/olive: Are classified as warm – They suit metals such as gold, rose gold, copper, and brass.

Blue/green: Are classified as neutral – Any type of metal complements individuals with this tone.

Try on different shapes and sizes.

Every human body is different, and sometimes the best way to determine what looks great on you is to try it on. From a dainty initial necklace to a pair of statement earrings, there are so many options out there.

Experiment with different shapes and sizes until you find something that takes your fancy. If you’re not sure where to get started, look at online reviews or talk with the shop assistants. They are there to help!

Locate your balance point.

If you’re looking at purchasing a necklace, your balance point will help you determine where it should fall. You have two points, and to locate them, you’ll need a piece of string.

For the first, measure the distance from your forehead to your chin, then take that measurement from your chin to your chest. The final point is a great place to sit your pendant if you want your neck to appear longer.

The next is to measure from the widest part of your face to the chin, then the shoulder line down. This point helps break up a longer decolletage.

Take other accessories into consideration.

Do you wear glasses every day? What about a watch or fancy belt? When you’re purchasing jewelry, you want to make sure that you take other accessories into consideration.

While it’s not always necessary, you may want to match metals or avoid large statement items if you’re already wearing a bold feature. Otherwise, your look can quickly become crowded.

Match your personality.

Finally, the last tip to follow when you are choosing jewelry is that it has to match your personality. Don’t just buy something because you think it will suit you. You have to actually like it!

Experiment with colored gemstones, quirky designs, and opt for personalized items that are unique to you. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you feel comfortable and confident. Who knows, you may even have a go at creating some DIY jewelry yourself.

Final words.

And that’s it! By following the above, you should be able to find some great jewelry pieces that you will love and enjoy.

Good luck!