For many homeowners, a well-designed and well-curated home is their secret to finding inner peace and comfort. There’s nothing better than coming home to a well-made home, not because it’s big or luxurious, but because every corner of it is carefully thought about.

With that, it’s not surprising that household heads too will eventually find themselves itching for a renovation, small and big projects alike. This process starts with looking for inspiration for interior design trends to adopt. That way, you can transform your home from an outdated one into your personal haven that’s cozy, comfortable, elegant, and stylish.

Check out this rundown below and proceed to this recommended site for interior design trends slated to go big for 2022, so you may incorporate these as well into your own home.

5 Interior Design Trends To Look Out For In 2022 - trends, interior design, interior, home

1. Play Of Patterns

Many homeowners are now realizing that not everything has to be plain or matchy-matchy. Patterns have long been present in homes, especially in areas like sheets, curtains, carpets, and pillowcases. Nowadays, however, patterns are penetrating the home even more through the walls.

Wallpapers and patterns are so in. There are varied prints and patterns you can choose from, depending on the theme you have for your home or living space. When done carefully, having wallpaper on a wall can still make a space look very stylish without coming off as chaotic.

2. Bringing The Outdoors In

Bringing the outdoors in means that natural elements like wood and stone are finding their way inside the home. Stones are used not just for the outdoor walkway, yet they’re also now found in bathrooms and walls. Wood, on the other hand, is making its way through walls, decorative elements, and even the floors.

Just imagine an industrial, wood cabin, or farmhouse kind of setting. There’s just something very cozy and comfortable about having hints of those natural elements inside a home. It’s classic and timeless, too.

3. Homework And Playrooms Are Desired

For homeowners building from scratch, one of the indispensable rooms now to have is the homework room or playroom. For those renovating, builders are also seeing requests from homeowners to convert a once-empty and useless room into a space for children.

As for writing, there have been at least two years where children had to be homeschooled. As parents and their kids spent more time at home, clutter was inevitable. They’re realizing now that having that one room dedicated for all the toys and learning can help make a house look more organized, even if from this point onwards, they may no longer be homeschooled.

Moreover, having that homework area or playroom can also give parents, who may now be working remotely at home, some peace and quiet during the hours they work. There’s less stress when they won’t have to keep following the mess of kids strewn around the house.

More than its functionality, it’s also an aesthetic thing to be able to preserve and maintain the décor of the rest of the house sans the mess of toys.

5 Interior Design Trends To Look Out For In 2022 - trends, interior design, interior, home

4. Indoor Greenery

Many years back, the only way to have some plants inside a home was by opting for faux plants. Today, this isn’t necessarily the case anymore per design and layout trends.

Faux plants are still very popular as they’re a great alternative to real ones for those who really want to have indoor greenery, but don’t have a green thumb, or don’t have the time to care for indoor plants. For those who do, nonetheless, real plants are also now commonplace in many households, especially in living spaces.

The great thing about having indoor greenery as a design element is that it can easily go with any design or theme in your home. It brings more life to a home, and it also makes your space look more put-together and intentional.

Picture out fancy hotels and resorts with lush greenery. That’s what you may now do in your very own home, with indoor plants.

5. Vintage Furniture And Antiques Are Coming Back

Vintage furniture and antiques may be a thing of the past, but they’re surely seeing a comeback this year. Take a trip to the thrift shop and you’re sure to find quite a few pieces you may want to take home.

When decorating with antiques and vintage furniture, you don’t have to do this all at once. Just add a few pieces here and there, little by little. If you love to travel, you can collect knick-knacks too and add them to your collection. This is one way to make your home more personal, so it’s more than just a well-designed house: it’s also a home.

Final Interior Design Insights

You may have been asking yourself what interior design concepts are drawing the senses of homeowners this 2022. With the list above, you finally have your answers. It’s high time then for you to go through your own home and make your own checklist of things here and there that you think can use a renovation. Some of the projects above you can do on your own, while the bigger ones are best done with a professional interior designer helping you out.