There’s so much to look forward to when summer arrives. At last, you’ll be able to venture outdoors again instead of being cooped up inside. However, even the beautiful summer months can quickly become sombre if you’re kept busy with home maintenance. If you tend to these tasks ahead of time, you’ll be free to enjoy the season and save yourself some money in expenses. Some of these tasks can prevent unnecessary repairs more than you think.

4 Ways to Care for and Upgrade Your Home As Summer Approaches - upgarde, summer, roof, patio, home, garden

On Top: Check the Roof and Gutters

Extreme cold can wreak havoc on many areas of your home. Moisture and ice can damage lumber, and it can worsen over time if left untreated. This calls for a complete review of your roof and your gutter system before summer arrives. It’s especially important if you live in an area expecting summer rain. Your gutters must be able to deal with the incoming rainwater, and you also don’t want any remaining winter debris blocking the gutters and leading to roof leaks. It’s imperative you lead water away from the structure. For some of these tasks, it’s best to call in the professionals. Experts like City Seamless Gutters can install gutter sections to ensure your infrastructure works well again.

In the Garden: Manage Greenery

Friction between tree branches and your roof can cause damage. Since you can expect some of your trees to grow during the summer, cut away the longer branches that are almost touching the roof. If you’d rather not do the trimming on your own, tree experts will do the work safely and also won’t harm the tree in the process.

Inside and Out: Get Some Pest Control Assistance

When the temperature rises, chances are you’ll see more critters around the garden and inside your home. Some of them may be cute, but unfortunately you can’t simply leave them. A nest of termites, rodents or cockroaches can quickly cause damage or carry disease. Even birds’ waste can cause contamination, so it’s best to call in experts and check your property for the first signs of pest infestations. The professionals can identify the problems even before they escalate, minimizing the size of the job and the impact on your property.

The Patio: Make Your Spaces Welcoming Again

It’s not all doom and gloom. Why not use the slightly warmer days to start preparing for those hot weekends ahead? Your patio probably didn’t get much attention during cold months, so it’s time to wash off the layers of dust, clear debris and make sure it doesn’t need repairs. You want your first barbeque to be fun, not a discovery time of everything that’s wrong with the space.


It will only take a few days to get your property back in shape. Use spring’s free time to do all the work and then you’re free to enjoy summer to the fullest. Please share more tips with us if you know of any other helpful advice.