A Lawnmower is an essential member of the tools’ collection found in the garage. Although, most people don’t take enough care of these tools during winter when they’re not in use. Like any machine, a lawnmower needs to be treated right to give you its best. The lifespan of a tool typically varies from brand to brand and model to model, but specific ways can be used to optimize the lifespan of any lawnmower.

How To Make Your Lawnmower Last Longer? - type, maintenance, lawnmower, lawn, features

When a lawn mower starts looking rusted and unkempt, most people conclude that it is too old to function correctly. Having an old mower does not mean the mower is no longer viable. So here is some information designed to show you how to make your lawnmower last longer.

How to know the best lawn mower for your lawn?

The journey to making your lawn mower last longer starts way before your lawn mower cuts grass for the first time. It begins even before the trip to the big chain downtown to pick out a lawn mower. Here are five things to consider the best lawn mower:

  • The size of your lawn: This journey starts the day you decide to live in a home that comes with a yard. Before deciding on features you would like to have, you need to take into account the size of your lawn. Is it an estate spread across sprawling acres or is it a patch that barely qualifies as a lawn? This question advises the size of the lawn mower that is appropriate for your needs. You wouldn’t want to use a too small mower to tackle a large acre of grass. You wouldn’t want to lug bulkier equipment around a small yard.
  • Budget: When the question of size has been answered, your next consideration should be your budget. How much are you prepared to splurge on this very underestimated but essential lawn grooming equipment? The price of lawnmowers ranges from about $150 to $4,000. So, which one are you? The budget buyer with specific needs or a high roller with expensive tastes. Make up your mind on this before moving on to the next on this list.
  • Type of mower engine: Currently, there are two common types of engines used; gas engines, powered by petrol fuel most times and electric powered batteries. Gas engines can power the mower for a more extended period, but the sound it produces is higher than recommended optimal levels. The battery engines can only last enough long to mow about ⅓ acres of grass, it achieves this at a minimal noise level.
  • Special features: The special features available from different brands and versions are necessary to consider while narrowing down the search for the ultimate lawnmower. Some of these features include; Self-propelled, Push-to-start, Folding handle, Fuel gauge, Hour meter, etc. An important note is that the mowers with more sophisticated features are usually higher priced.
  • Maintenance and Support: Finally, the last question you need to ask is about the availability of maintenance support and spare parts for the different brands that have survived on your list thus far. This is a significant issue that has to be taken into account because like all machines, lawn mowers need regular servicing and maintenance. This is a significant factor in getting your lawn mower to last well over its warranty period.

If you’re feeling rather handsy, some maintenance tips are listed out below:

Maintenance of a lawn mower

  • Change the engine oil regularly.
  • Regularly clean the air filter and install a fuel filter if your mower doesn’t have one.
  • To avoid carburetor and fuel issues, at the end of Spring/Summer allow the mower’s engine stay running till all the fuel finishes.
  • Blades need to be sharpened as dull blades will slow down the work while beating the grass. Make sure to get a durable one. Check out this list of mulching baldes recommended by Verellenhc.
  • The ride belts need to be checked out regularly to reduce tension.
  • Spark plug needs to be cleaned or changed regularly.
  • To keep the deck from rusting, accumulated grass has to be cleaned from underneath it, and a lubricant should be applied year round.
  • As a machine with moving parts, these parts need to be cleaned, tightened and lubricated often.
  • Finally, your battery life can be extended if it is put on battery maintainer throughout the mower’s months of inactivity.

Dos and Don’ts of using a lawn mower

Some ‘dos and don’ts’ that should be practiced when using a Lawnmower are listed below:


  • Inspect the yard, before mowing starts to check for protruding rocks, sticks or debris.
  • Check the lawn mower before use, make sure its blades are sharp and not blunt.
  • Ensure that its battery is fully charged, or there is enough gas in its fuel tank.


  • Forget to change the engine oil in your tank.
  • Neglect to carry out essential maintenance at least once in three (3) months.


Lawn mowers are an integral part of suburban life, as well as the world of sprawling estates. This means the sooner you figure out how to make your lawnmower last longer, the better for you. Owning a lawn mower is not a ride in the park. It is capital intensive and time-consuming, but guess what, it saves you time and money. Yes, it makes sure you’re not the family that lives behind a moat of grass.

Mowers are one of those machines whose construction quality has taken a hit over the last decade or so. Although design ergonomics is being improved and parts are more affordable than they used to be; they are lighter on a lot of models, and corners are being cut in material quality. All that will not matter if you take good care of your mower. So, next time you think about your neighbor’s neat lawn, cast your mind on the machine doing a good job.