Today, wallpaper is not something that reminds you of your grandmother’s house; wallpaper is having another chance to make it as an alternative to painting your walls. From modern and artistic to whimsical designs, wallpaper is gaining popularity in the design world. This is because today’s versions are modern and available in as many styles and colors as paint colors – if not more.

Hanging wallpaper in your home gives you an opportunity to add a bold visual appeal. Nevertheless, if you have ever had to choose and install wallpaper, you know that it is a daunting task. The endless styles, designs and colors do not make things any easier; however, making the right choice begins with understanding what is available to you.

4 Tips For Picking The Right Wallpaper For Your Long Beach Home -

Consider Wallpaper Types

Narrowing down your search efforts to the perfect wallpaper requires that you identify the types available on the market. Enlist the help of a professional to help decide the specific wallpaper type that will work best, depending on your requirements. In addition, consult a plumbing services Long Beach, CA professional for instance, to ensure that your wallpaper will not be damaged in water intensive areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Make sure to fix any damage before you do the job.

Vinyl-coated wallpaper can be safely sponged with soapy water. The paper surface and backing seal with liquid vinyl. Vinyl wallpaper is an excellent choice for the kitchen since it is rugged and most resistant to stains.

Standard wallpapers tend to be colorfast. This means that the colors will not fade due to exposure to sunlight, something that is true for most wallpaper out there.

The standard wallpaper is not expensive, although there are many pricey variations on the market. Regardless of how much you pay, you have to take care not to tear it when installing it on the wall.

The Right Wallpaper Design

Bold prints on wallpaper catch the eye and make a statement for homeowners who want to turn their walls into art pieces. But such wallpaper designs can quickly become dated, leading to buyer’s remorse. Instead, choose subtle designs, they have more staying power and less likely to clash with your furniture.

4 Tips For Picking The Right Wallpaper For Your Long Beach Home -

Textured and patterned wallpaper hide any imperfections in your wall surface. They work best in casual rooms like the bedroom or den. On the other hand, smooth and flat wallpaper designs help bring a refined look that works best in formal areas like the dining room or entryway.

Horizontal striped wallpaper widens a room and makes your ceiling seem shorter, while vertical patterns add volume to the room and make your ceiling appear higher. Choose wallpaper featuring a light background if you want to make a room look bigger, and darker wallpaper to make the room look smaller. Big wallpaper patterns make rooms smaller and are best for a single wall in a large room.

Sizing Wallpaper Right

To determine how many wallpaper rolls you need, calculate the wall space you would like to cover in square feet. Compute the measurements of a wall from the floor to the ceiling, and horizontally from one corner to the next. Multiply the figures you get and repeat the entire process for the remaining walls, add the totals.

4 Tips For Picking The Right Wallpaper For Your Long Beach Home -

If you are covering the ceiling, calculate square footage by multiplying the floor width by length. Divide all the figures by 25, which is the square footage average of a standard wallpaper roll. Subtract from the total you get one-half single roll for every door and window; the resulting figure is the approximate number of wallpaper rolls you need.

For a bold pattern, you might need extra paper so that you can line subsequent strips up correctly on the wall.

4 Tips For Picking The Right Wallpaper For Your Long Beach Home -

Preparing Your Wall

Before hanging your wallpaper, proper wall preparation is key to getting great results; doing so will also ensure the best outcome when you decide to change your wallpaper. Basic preparation involves not only removing the old wall covering and flaking paint. In case the walls are damaged by water, make sure you call in a professional water damage restoration expert.