4 Popular Spring Activities to Try in Phoenix

The air is particularly crisp and fresh after spending a lot of time indoors over the winter, and though the weather may be beautiful year-round in Phoenix, there is nothing quite like it in the springtime. Looking to plan your trip but not sure what to do? Here are some of the best spring activities in Phoenix.

4 Popular Spring Activities to Try in Phoenix

Go for a hike at Camelback Mountain

If you’re looking for things to do in Phoenix, Camelback Mountain features one of the highest summits in Phoenix at 2,700 feet in elevation. As a favorite destination for both locals and visitors, Camelback Mountain offers incredibly scenic views of the area while immersing yourself in the beautiful nature of the desert. Trail hours are sunrise to sunset. The exposed rocks, Saguaro cacti, and desert terrain add to the atmosphere, making Camelback Mountain a perfect spring activity.

4 Popular Spring Activities to Try in Phoenix

Photo Credit: Konstantin Tronin

Take a trip on the wild side at Ponderosa Stables

If you’re looking for other ways to explore the majestic beauty that is the Sonoran Desert, why not head to Ponderosa Stables for some horseback riding? With over 50 miles of trails to explore, the journey never ends. The knowledgeable staff will guide you from upon horses through the intricate desert landscape, providing you with a view of the land that you’ll never forget, while they teach you about the history of the area. They even offer tours that allow you to stop and have a bite to eat, cookout-style.

Spend time in nature at South Mountain Park and Preserve

What better way to spend time in Phoenix than fully immersing yourself in the desert for a day? South Mountain Park and Preserve has something for everyone. You can head to Dobbins Lookout, go horseback riding, or take a hike on any of the trails. With over 16,000 acres of land within its boundaries, creating one of the largest municipal parks in the country, the exploring never ends. Camelback Mountain and Ponderosa Stables are also located within the park’s boundaries!

4 Popular Spring Activities to Try in Phoenix

Photo Credit: Desert Botanical Garden

Enjoy the lush greenery at Desert Botanical Garden

Spring is the time of year where everything begins to bloom again, and surprisingly this is the same in the desert, despite their year-round warm weather. The new blooms and lush greens are to die for at Desert Botanical Garden, and it is a great way to learn about the incredible horticulture that the Sonoran Desert has. You can visit early in the morning to catch the sunrise, or visit later in the evening to see the sunset. Be sure to snap a few pictures for Instagram, because you won’t want to forget this spot!

Some of our other favorites include: catching a Diamondbacks game, shopping on Roosevelt Row, and taking a trip to go Salt River Tubing. There is no shortage of things to do in Phoenix, especially during the springtime, when the weather is just right and the heat hasn’t settled over the Valley just yet. Consider visiting Phoenix when you can enjoy the best spring activities.

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