As the weather warms up, many homeowners consider upgrading their front or back yard spaces. Updating an outdoor space, especially a small one, does not have to be difficult, costly, or time-consuming. A couple easy and affordable projects can completely transform a space – from a few new pieces of outdoor furniture to some updated lighting.

4 Affordable Landscape Ideas to Transform Your Small Yard - utdoors, upgarde, Small yard, lights, garden, color

Thanks to Utopia Management, San Francisco’s premier property management company, you can use this list of design ideas to get started on turning your small outdoor space into an outdoor oasis in no time.

String up some lights. Outdoor lights are usually thought of as just decorative items, but lights make a big difference in a small yard space. Think of a small space’s outdoor lights as a statement piece. Your options are endless! Outdoor lights have many color, shape, and size options.

Drape string lights from your home to an outdoor fence or pergola to create a starry-night feel. You can also line a small walkway or garden area with lanterns and globe lights to light up the prettiest aspects of your outdoor oasis. In such a small space, the right lighting should be a staple!

Grow a vertical garden. Gardening is a great way to add color and life to a space, but many homeowners think gardening is only an option for those with large yard spaces. The good news is gardens do not need to take up lots of space – vertical gardening, like its name, simply allows you to use an up-and-down space to grow beautiful plants.

Vertical gardens use limited space, are inexpensive, and are a great opportunity to recycle materials you already have at home. Old ladders, paint cans, and wood pieces can be reused to create a vertical herb or succulent garden. If you choose wisely, vertical gardens can also come in good use (mint, for example, is great in summer drinks and herbal teas!).

Find a place to sit. Updating a small outdoor space is great, but without a place to sit and enjoy it – what is the point? Once you have finished some of the landscaping updates, consider buying or building a place to sit and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Brand new outdoor furniture can be expensive, but it is thankfully not your only option. If you or someone close to you is handy, build some block or bench-like seating. You can also browse your local online and in-person thrift stores to make someone’s “trash” your very own treasure. Keep in mind that indoor chairs and seating can also be used! With a little paint and outdoor sealant, an indoor piece will be ready-to-go in no time.

Add some color. Last but not least, a little décor and color goes a long way in an outdoor space. Paint some of the planters in your vertical garden, add decorative throw pillows to your seating arrangement, or consider adding brightly colored plants and flowers to a walkway or garden space.

A small yard is the perfect place for a mix-match of colors, so feel free to reuse leftover paint from other projects (maybe even other yard projects!).

A small, outdoor living space can be both easy and affordable. As much as possible, consider repurposing your own items and searching local thrift stores for cheap additions. While improving your outdoor space has many benefits for you, it can have even bigger benefits for others. By simply creating a livable, easy-on-the-eyes outdoor space – your home’s value could increase by over $5K.

Whether updating your small outdoor space for yourself or potential buyers, a few inexpensive projects and design ideas can do the trick. With these ideas in mind, get started creating a space you (and others!) will love for years to come.