You won’t mind getting work done with a retreat like the ones you see here. Check out tons of inspiring photos of the best decorating and design ideas in the books. These work spaces will actually make you want to sit down and complete your to-do list. The daily routine of commuting to a corporate office may halt for most of us on the weekends, but work responsibilities often spill over into home life as well. Whether you use it once a month to pay bills or every day to conference with people across the globe, your home office needs to be functional, beautiful and efficient. Draw inspiration from these photos and ideas.

All-Natural Nook


Inspired By Color

Inspired By

Elegant Double-Duty Space

Elegant Double-Duty Space

Wild Whimsy


Exotic Workspace for Two

Exotic Workspace for

Wonderful Wicker


Sleek Office Space

Sleek Office

Wall of Art

Wall of

Modern Wood Paneling

Modern Wood

A Study in Contrasts

A Study in

Orange You Glad You Work From Home?

Orange You Glad You Work From Home?

Chic Geometric Look

Chic Geometric

Window Seat Office

Window Seat

An Office in the Woods?

An Office in the Woods?

Chalkboard Fun and Work

Chalkboard Fun and

Fabulous Florals


Clean and Simple

Clean and

Setting Aside Space

Setting Aside