17 Beautiful Purple Wedding Inspirational Ideas for Magical Wedding Decor

Purple really brings a feeling of elegance and beauty. This rich color can be paired with almost any color to make the perfect wedding color palette.  Purple can be used with many colors, in particular white, silver or ivory and is perfect for spring or summer weddings. With various shades of purples from lavender, lilac, mauve, royal purple, grape, eggplant and everything in between. You will be sure to find something here to match your purple wedding color theme.

Purple is said to be the color of royalty and to symbolize magic and mystery. If you’re planning a wedding infused with shades of purple, we’ve got some amazing purple wedding ideas to inspire you. Here you can find ideas for purple wedding invitations, wedding favors, creative ideas about creating purple centerpieces and decorations. Find purple wedding cake ideas and much more.

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