With a brisk winter ahead and a full-coverage wardrobe to match, it seems only right that one should find innovative, chic ways to stand apart from the crowd, starting with a manicure. Winter has very variety beauties which can inspire you to make amazing nail design. There are snowmen, snowflakes and all these beauties and symbols in combination with a very different nail polishes and polish colors can make the perfect nail designs for winter. Some of the winter nail designs are more elegant, some of them are more casual, but wonderful the same.

Here we present you 16 amazing nail art ideas. All of them are modern, fresh, and ready to break you out of your cold-weather doldrums.

winter (1)
Source: vicandhernails.blogspot.com
winter (2)
Source: www.lacquerologist.com
winter (3)
Source: dressedupdigits.blogspot.com
winter (4)
Source: geekyowl.blogspot.com
winter (5)
Source: www.thedalailamasnails.com
winter (6)
Source: glowstars.net
winter (7)
Source: www.agirlandherpolish.com
winter (8)
Source: www.peaceloveandpolish.com
winter (9)
Source: beepolished.blogspot.com
winter (10)
Source: www.willpaintnailsforfood.com
winter (11)
Source: canadiannailfanatic.blogspot.ca
winter (12)
Source: www.pointlesscafe.com
winter (13)
Source: www.adventuresinacetone.com
winter (14)
Source: www.sassyshelly.com
winter (15)
Source: www.the-crumpet.com
winter (16)
Source: www.wondrouslypolished.com