Even if you don’t know much about nails, you’ve probably heard of a couple common manicure types. Still, a new Russian manicure trend might not be on your radar.

If you’ve heard about the trendy Russian manicure or are just curious, you might wonder what sets this apart from other types of manicures.

In this guide, we’ll detail Russian manicures and go over some other common kinds of manicures, including French and American. You’ll learn the pros and cons of each to help you pick your next nail makeover.

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What Is A Russian Manicure?

A Russian manicure involves detailed, intricate cuticle work. Russian manicurists use tools like an electric filer with nail drill bits to reach into the cuticle and clean it up. A Russian manicure is unique, as the technician will place the nail polish underneath the start of the nail bed.

Because a Russian manicure involves cutting the cuticle, it creates a long-lasting, polished set of nails. Still, it can slightly increase the risk of infection. So, when seeking a Russian manicure, make sure you go to someone experienced.

Another thing to note is that Russian manicures can take many hours to complete because they involve precision and detail. Once the cuticle work is completed, the technicians will apply polish and finish shaping the top of the nail. Gel polish can also be used for this type of manicure.

What Is An American Manicure?

Compared to a Russian manicure, the American manicure style is much faster. However, it might not be as refined in the results. During this process, the technician files and buffs the nails and briefly cleans up the cuticle area. The signature American manicure uses a cream color base coat and white nail tips.

So, while it is more simplistic, it’s a classic look that only takes around an hour to achieve. It’s somewhat similar to a French manicure.

What About A French Manicure?

A French manicure looks like an American manicure in many ways, but there are a few differences. The signature color is pink or beige for the base coat with white polish on the tips of the nails. It’s also a rather straightforward process that takes around an hour to finish.

The most significant difference between the two is that the base coat of a French manicure is usually beige or pink. In contrast, the base coat of an American manicure is commonly clear or flesh-colored.

Unlike a Russian manicure, a French manicure doesn’t require much cuticle work, so these tend to last a couple of weeks when using gel polish.

Many people also opt for the reverse French manicure. This method is similar, but the white color is done at the base of the nail in a small layer. Then, a darker color goes on top.

Picking THe Right Manicure For You

While the basics of a French, American, or Russian manicure have to do with the technique, you can also get a basic manicure to buff and strengthen your nails and then choose any color you want. There are also various kinds of polishes to use.

When choosing a manicure style, the biggest factors to consider are determining how much time you have, how much money you want to spend, and how long you want the manicure to last.

If you haven’t had many manicures before, trying out different styles and approaches is the best way to know which you prefer.