Short nails used to be not in favor for a long time as the whole Internet, celebrities and trending fashionistas hyped long nails as the best way to enhance your persona and style. Their various iterations, such as almond, coffin or ballerina, will probably forever be a staple of the beauty world.

Nevertheless, 2022 has shown that short nails have made a comeback and are getting on. They always were seen as a clean and simple option, but also lacking excitement.

Why Are Short Nails Trendy And What Are The Best Short Gel Nail Ideas? - Short Nails, practical, nails, hygienic, healthy, designs

Luckily, things have changed and with all the creative short gel nail ideas and nail polishes to choose from, you can easily give your short nails the edge they need.

Let’s see why it is worthwhile to come back to short nails and why so many stylists have done so.

Short nails are practical

Firstly, short nails win over long for practicality. Long nails have a lot of space to create more elaborate designs and play with nail art, but they are trial and error when it comes to functionality.

Although a few influencers prove that you can perform daily tasks with long nails, with short ones, it is definitely easier. You don’t have to worry that they chip or get caught on things when you open or close them, wash the dishes, cook or exercise.

Short nails look healthy

Usually fake nails are applied to prolong your regular ones. Unfortunately, they can be tough on your natural nails causing brittle, breakages or tearing if they are too long or removed in a neglectful way.

On the other hand, regular or gel short nail manicures make a durable, resistant and strong nail bed. Also, short nails look the most glamorous when they are healthy, so make sure you keep them nicely moisturized with nourishing cuticle oils.

Short nails are more hygienic

Fake long nails, no matter what material, can serve as a perfect environment for viruses and bacteria. Luckily, when you have short nails, you don’t have to worry about this issue.

With a short manicure, you can easily see and remove dirt that enters your nails after a session at a gym, hiking, gardening, cooking or playing with your kids. Moreover, short nails come with less surface area which facilitates keeping your hands clean.

Short gel nails ideas include innovative designs

As you can see, short nails are practical, easy to manage, clean and hygienic. Nevertheless, it is also important to keep in mind that their small surface doesn’t entail that you cannot experiment with manicure and get yourself a fancy one trying out the best short gel nail ideas.

Experts recommend trying out bright and bold colors as they look incredible on shorter nails. Therefore, you can go for emerald green, classic red or even neon colors like neon yellow or orange.

If you wonder what shape would be the best for short nails, it is recommended to go for oval or squoval shape. They both look classic and elongate the fingers while letting colors and designs stand out.

All in all, short nails have made a comeback and, thanks to all the top-notch nail polish and short gel manicure ideas, you are able to make your short nail manicure exciting and beautiful.