Think about what kind of design (whether custom or prefabricated) is going to provide the most utility by asking the following questions: What will it be used for the most? What particular features will enhance the existing kitchen? What does the space need? If the room lacks cabinet space, you’ll want storage. If you don’t have a kitchen or dining room table (and even if you do), extra seating might be a priority. These designer projects combine style and practicality. A kitchen island is a piece that is necessary for cooking, it’s very important that it should be comfortable in using, and this piece may make your kitchen rock! A kitchen island that differs in texture, color, pattern or style form the rest of the furniture would make an accent, it would make the space original.

Perky And Playful Kitchen Island

Perky and Playful Kitchen Island

Better Than a Sports Bar

Better Than a Sports Bar Kitchen Island


Picasso Kitchen Island

Streamlined And Fearless

Streamlined and Fearless Kitchen Island

Elegance From The Baroque Period

Elegance from the Baroque Period Kitchen

A Touch Of Wood

A Touch of Wood Kitchen Island

Open Your Mind And Your Cupboards

Open Your Mind and Your Cupboards Kitchen

Fussy In A Good Way

Fussy In A Good Way Kitchen

Quickie Facelift Kitchen Island Idea

Quickie Facelift Kitchen Island

A Few Of Your Favorite Things

A Few Of Your Favorite Things Kitchen

An Eye For Detail

An Eye For Detail Kitchen

Hand Carved Wood Kitchen Island

Hand Carved Wood Kitchen

Mysterious Old World Whispers

Mysterious Old World

Form Meets Function

Form Meets Function Kitchen Island