Autumn is the time when you can enjoy a relaxed holiday. Beautiful gardens filled with trees that are observed colors of autumn, trails, museums … The choice is yours. Europe is full of numerous cities and small towns that can breathtaking especially in the fall when the variety and the smell of rain filling the streets and small alleys. These are 15 cities in Europe that are ideal for a visit in the autumn:

Dublin, Ireland

fall 1 (1)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

fall 1 (2)

Lisbon, Portugal

fall 1 (3)

Vienna, Austria

Vienna - Austria

Florence, Italy


Oslo, Norway

fall 1 (6)

Budapest, Hungary

fall 1 (7)

Brussels, Belgium

fall 1 (8)

Helsinki, Finland

fall 1 (9)

Riga, Latvia

fall 1 (10)

Rotterdam, Netherlands

fall 1 (11)

Copenhangen, Denmark

fall 1 (12)

Stockholm, Sweden

fall 1 (13)

Berlin, Germany

fall 1 (14)

Barcelona, Spain

fall 1 (15)