If you have a garden, back or front yard, a vacant porch, or patio, you can decorate it with a swing. Kids will also fall in love with it and love playing on it. Learn how to build a backyard swing set using a precut playground kit. Follow our easy step-by-step directions in the links below every photo. This might seem like a big project, but it is actually very simple and doable even for a beginner.Few things beat the relaxation of sitting back in the shade passing a cool spring evening in a porch swing. A swing you’ve made yourself.

Clubhouse Swing Set

Awesome DIY Clubhouse Swing Set

Plywood Deck Swing Set

DIY Plywood Deck Swing Set

 Backyard Playground

DIY Backyard Playground

Friendly Swing Set

Easy DIY Friendly Swing Set

Fabric Covered Platform Swing

DIY Fabric Covered Platform Swing

Tree Swing

Simple Old Fashioned DIY Tree Swing

Swing Set

The Ultimate DIY Swing Set

Slide Swing Set

DIY Clubhouse – Slide Swing Set

Frame Swing Set

Basic Freestanding A Frame Swing Set

Grown Up Swing Set

DIY Grown Up Swing Set

Modern A Frame Swing Set

DIY Modern A Frame Swing Set


Pergola Swing Set

DIY Pergola Swing Set





Solar Swing Set

DIY Solar Swing Set