Isn’t it upsetting when you shampoo your hair, and a bunch of strands flows down the drain because of the frequent hair fall? It can be scary as hell if you contemplate on how much hair will be left if so, much hair falls every day. Dermatologists say that is normal to lose approximately 100 hair strands every day, but what if you are losing more than that? What if your daily lifestyle is one of the reasons for this incredible hair loss? What changes can you bring to your lifestyle to prevent such drastic hair fall? Let’s find out.

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Lifestyle changes your hair needs

Smoking and poor diet not only contributes to cardiovascular diseases but also leads to premature hair fall. But you still have time to reverse the condition by changing your lifestyle. Here are some of the changes recommended by a lifestyle magazine All About The Lifestyle:

  • Massage your scalp

Every time you shampoo, you tend to smoothen your hair while applying the shampoo. But if you can massage the scalp with your fingertips while under the shower, it will increase the blood flow. Do this every time you are under the shower whether you shampoo or not. It creates a better environment for hair growth by penetrating the shampoo into your scalp. Organic shampoos contain minerals, vitamins, and keratin that can smooth your hair and prevent hair fall. Doing this alongside a consistent use of Keratin treatment can work wonders to fight hair loss.

  • Don’t use hair drying tools

Hair dryers, iron rods, and straighteners can make your hair look beautiful for a few hours, but they are very harmful in the long run. If you color your hair and use hair drying tools, the combination can be deadly. They will cause a massive amount of breakage and hair thinning. You will notice huge chunks of hair in your hand while bathing after you are forty. Instead, air-dry your hair. It takes times but is more effective and healthy then hair dryers.

  • Eat nutrient efficient food

Your hair needs a combination of various nutrients like iron, zinc, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. Eat foods that are rich with these nutrients to reduce hair fall. Some of the foods that you can try are salmon, sweet potatoes, beans, nuts, leafy greens, and lean meat. Avoid oily and fried food as much as possible.

  • Don’t take frequent birth-control pills

While your sex life may be in full swing, your hair may get affected by it. Women who take birth control pills often experience several adverse effects, and one of them is hair loss. Many women also experience hair fall during menopause because the body has fewer amounts of estrogen at that time. It is wise to stop taking birth control pills if you want to keep your hair healthy for ages.

It may be tough to maintain your hair with so much of work stress around, but if you can bring these changes in your lifestyle, you can take a step to prevent hair fall and combat the stress effectively.