Eyes are a crucial part of our health. We depend on our eyesight to see this amazing world around us. We need it to make sense of our surroundings and the world we live in. Taking good care of our eyesight is essential to living a fulfilling life.

As a result of constant exposure to screens, one is most likely to suffer from vision problems sooner or later. Most eye problems are minor, so they don’t require extensive treatment. But some can lead to a permanent loss of vision. That is why it is incumbent to detect eye diseases and find a remedy early on.

Importance of Eye Care and Regular Examination - no smiking, nedical history, healthy weight, healthy habits, eye care, exercise, computer screens

Most people take care of their bodies but neglect taking care of eyesight. When caring for eyesight, being proactive is the way to go. If a person notices any changes in their vision or has any other problems with their sight, they should contact their vision care provider immediately. If there doesn’t seem to be a big issue, one should still get their eyesight checked at least annually or as often as their doctor recommends.

Eye Tests and Exams

It is important to get your eyesight tested to check for vision problems. School-aged kids usually have vision screening offered in school or at their doctor’s clinic during a checkup. Most of the time, adults also get their eyesight checked when visiting a doctor’s office. But some of them need more than a regular eye checkup. They need a comprehensive dilated eye exam.

Getting comprehensive eye exams is vital because some eye diseases do not have early symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment make it easier to treat the condition. The age one should start getting these exams, and the frequency depends on numerous factors such as age, race, previous eye diseases, and other health issues. Being proactive and getting connected with your eye doctor is the way forward to live with healthy eyesight.

Along with regular eye exams, some other tips may also help you avoid vision problems.

Vision Care Tips

Here are a few smart strategies to ensure your eyesight is the best it can be.

Get an appointment with your ophthalmologist

Get yourself checked if you have low or blurred vision or any other discomfort in your eyes. Keeping your glasses or contact lens prescription updated is key to maintaining healthy eyes. Sometimes people delay changing their prescription glasses just to avoid the extra cost and consider it a waste of money.

Do not delay and risk your vision further, as you can always get new lenses for old frames if they are in mint condition. Online stores like Overnight Glasses, Lensabl, Glasses USA, and many others are offering such services for your ease.

Eat a balanced and nutritious diet

Good nutrition is the stepping stone to cure all of our health problems. Eat dark leafy vegetables like spinach and kale. Get your Omega 3s from fatty fish such as salmon and tuna. Vitamin C in oranges and other citrus fruits can also give a boost to your eyesight. Taking a good multivitamin can also boost your vision.

Maintain a healthy weight

Being obese can increase your chances of becoming diabetic. Being diabetic is one of the most common causes of blindness in adults. It can also cause other issues such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is a great way to get your blood and heart pumping. It can lower your weight, thus helping out in drastically diminishing your risk of getting a myriad of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol that are all dangerous for your eye health.

Say no to smoking

This habit can give way to a lot of medical problems. It can cause age-related eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and even damage your optic nerve. So get rid of smoking and save yourself.

Take a break from computer screens

We tend to forget to give our eyes a rest after working long hours. It is essential to look away from the screen and blink your eyes frequently. You can also follow the 20-20-20 rule where you can take your eyes off of the screen after every 20 minutes and take a look at an object that is 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

Find out your medical history

Since some eye diseases are hereditary, it’s best to find out from family members early on and be proactive in preventing or delaying it from happening earlier than expected.

Wear Sunglasses while out in the sun

Sunglasses defend against harmful sun rays. Sun exposure for an extended period can cause eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Choose good quality sunglasses that block most of UV-A and UV-B rays.

Choose to wear safety eyeglasses

They can protect your eyes from dirt, debris, and other harmful materials that may enter your eyes while working with tools. Safety eyewear protects your eyes from injuries when doing construction or other field projects.