Showing that special someone that you care about them should be about more than just buying them the occasional gift.

The trick is to take inspiration from the things they enjoy, and also the ideas which others have successfully implemented in their own relationships.

10 Stylish and Memorable Ways to Celebrate Your Sweetheart - sweetheart, photo slideshow, me-time, cook, celebrate

To get you started, here are ten options for celebrating the person you love in a meaningful and memorable way.

Take an evening trip to their favorite amusement park

You might not know it, but many amusement parks host special events for couples that are both romantic and thrilling.

The best example is Sweethearts’ Nite at Disney resorts, and since it’s super popular you need to book well ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Write a letter expressing your appreciation

Love letters might be old-fashioned, but that’s exactly what makes them special. In an age when most of us communicate digitally, having a written expression of your deep feelings for your partner will wow them.

Drive them home after a day at the office

Work can be stressful, and facing a long commute on public transport after the daily grind only intensifies this feeling.

You can demonstrate your commitment and take the load off your sweetheart’s mind by picking them up in person. Just make sure this fits in with their schedule before you surprise them!

Give them some much-needed me-time

Often the thing that people crave most when they’ve got a busy home life is a bit of time to themselves. So if you’ve got kids with your partner, allowing them a spot of R&R without any of you around for a few hours is a gift in its own right.

Put together a photo slideshow

Another downside of the digital age is that we don’t often look at all of the pictures we snap on our phones.

If you’ve been with someone for a while, there are probably hundreds or even thousands of images charting your relationship. Compiling these into a slideshow and then sharing it with them is a great way to bond and reminisce as well.

Cook a meal together

Cooking is an intimate act when it’s one you share with a sweetheart, and so rather than trying to tackle this solo, plan to prepare delicious dishes together. You’ll be surprised by how much of an aphrodisiac this can be, so make it quick and easy as well!

Frame a map of significant locations

Maps aren’t just for getting from A to B. You can transform a standard overview of the country or the world into one that includes points marked on it that are relevant to your relationships, such as the place you met and the destinations you’ve visited together. Get this framed, and you’ve got a gift that will be worthy to hang on any wall.

Compose a song, or pay a professional to do it instead

Writing a song for a loved one is another classic, enduring way to celebrate them. And if you don’t have the chops to do it yourself, there are professional writers who’ll take small pieces of info about your sweetheart and turn them into a ditty they’ll enjoy and treasure.

Give to a charity they support

If sustainability is a concern and you don’t just want to shower your partner with material gifts, you can show that you care by donating to a good cause that’s close to their heart.

Order bespoke jewelry

Last of all, don’t just opt for off-the-peg jewelry but instead commission bespoke pieces. There are all sorts of artisanal jewelers working today, many of whom you can discover via social media.