10 Magical, Real-Life Destinations That Inspired Disney’s Greatest Movies

The allure of Disney films is undeniable. Their tales of heroes and heroines, villains and monsters, castles and fairy godmothers, sometimes paired with epic musical numbers, are enchanting, depicting lives and worlds at times intimately familiar and other times as if from a dream. We found the real-life versions of the movie sets to go with the flicks, compiled them into a simple list of 10, and discovered that lots of Disney movies drew their characteristics from actual locations. So if you’re a traveler — and a Disney fan — and you’re looking for a fairy tale place to go on your next vacation, try visiting some of these real world locations that you can also find in Disney movies.

Brave in Dunnottar Scotland

Beauty and the Beast in Chateau de Chambord France

The Little Mermaid in Château de Chillon Switzerland

Mulan in Forbidden City from Jingshan hill Beijing

Frozen in Hôtel de Glace Norway

Tangled in Mont-Saint-Michel France

Pinocchio in Collodi Tuscany

Cinderella in Neuschwanstein Castle Germany

Up in Angel Falls Venezuela

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