Europe is definitely one of the most sought after and desirable tourist destinations in the world! With its rich culture, spellbinding architecture, fascinating history, exquisite taste in music & food and diverse geography, Europe finds itself on everyone’s wishlist. Imagine sipping wine with the fashionable, cigarette-smoking urbanizes of Paris and Milan, or exploring rugged eastern states that are still crafting their national identity and you’ll find that Europe is a seamless blend of modern and ancient civilization. That’s why so many students travel there for study abroad, gap year and vacation. The challenge is picking from the hundreds of unique cities to visit. Packed with numerous wonderful and diverse cultures, in such a relatively small landmass, Europe has been attracting travelers from the rest of the globe for centuries. However, with so many unique and exciting cities all over the continent, it can be hard to know where to pick for your next vacation – particularly if you only have a short period of time available. But these are the 10 cities you must visit in your life!

Venice, Italy


Florence, Italy


Vienna, Austria


Prague, Czech Republic


London, England


Paris, France


Salzburg, Austria


Budapest, Hungary


Rome, Italy


Bruges, Belgium