It is a nice feeling that fashion has come a long way when it comes to size inclusivity. However, even if we encourage everyone to be body positive, we still need to be mindful of our health. This includes having complete nutrition in our diets and regular exercises for our body and mind.

Besides the fact that you feel good physically, being at a healthy body size also makes anyone feel good about themselves. After all, when you look good, you feel good. This doesn’t mean that there is a standard size for beauty. But simply, it’s about embracing good health, and a good-looking body and clothes that fit nicely are just its bonus.

So how does one maintain a healthy lifestyle to help achieve fashion goals? Being mindful of your diet and exercising regularly are the pillars of good health. Of course, you also need to do stress management exercises, surround yourself with good people, and try out things that you’re excited and passionate about.

But those two things alone are easier said than done. Still, that doesn’t make them impossible either. You can even get started by simply cutting soft drinks and start juicing using the best juicer for greens in the market.

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Be Mindful of Your Diet

Ah cravings. Meals that leave you feeling happy but guilty. And most of the time, we think the joy they bring is worth it. Yes, some days it’s nice to give in to these pleasurable foods as a reward, but you also need to balance your consumption of these unhealthy meals. Besides, having foods like candy bars, chips, pizza, and pastries, every single day, removes the excitement and happiness because they’re no longer a prize for hard work and sacrifices.

When you are craving something unhealthy, you might think that you are also hungry. However, this isn’t the case. Overly sugary, salty, or fatty snacks may taste divine but, you end up tricking yourself from feeling full, which will then make it impossible to eat healthier alternatives.

For example, sugar is addictive. It just tastes so good that you will never be satisfied with just a nibble of your favorite sugary treat. This is also applicable to high-carbs foods that make you feel full even if you really are not. Yes, our bodies need sugar and carbohydrates, but too much of anything is always a bad thing. You might be even getting full from just “empty calories.”

So how can you trick yourself into curb those cravings? In an ideal world, it would be nice if there is just a button that you can flick to turn off your cravings. However, you need to be actively involved when it comes to eating healthy.

Let’s start with something simple, like drinking a green smoothie. On paper, it sounds unappealing, especially when you find out the ingredients like leafy greens, celery, lemon, and apples.

But simply putting fruits and vegetables that you don’t regularly eat on their own in a blender for green smoothies actually yields a healthy and yummier result. You can even mix and match ingredients, and the combinations are endless. From adding yogurts to almond milk, you will surely find a flavor that’s up your alley.

Smoothies are delicious, and they make fruits and vegetables easier to consume. You will benefit from the vitamins, minerals, and fiber in the ingredients that you don’t usually eat. And the good news is drinking a green smoothie can curb your sugar cravings as well.

Besides smoothies, you can also manage or avoid unhealthy cravings when you plan your meals ahead of time. If you already feel full throughout the day, you won’t find yourself wanting a fry or ice cream. Planning your meals and snacks makes you feel involved, so you’re more inspired to go through with your healthy diet.

Speaking of planning, try to find the joy in shopping throughout the whole grocery store. Beforehand, search for healthy recipes so you can skip out on highly processed foods. You can ditch your high-fat snacks with healthy fats from mixed nuts or homemade guacamole.

Exercise Regularly

The first hurdle to get yourself to exercise regularly is how you’re going to convince yourself to get started. One of the mistakes that most people make is they already put themselves in too much pressure and expectations. You already have your hands full without even starting yet.

If this isn’t familiar to you, have you ever had that intense “motivation” when the year is about to end? Yet by February, you already convinced yourself not to pull through with the New Year’s resolutions that you’ve set?

The thing is you might be doing a complete change to your lifestyle, including adding a handful of strenuous activities. After a short period, you’ll get annoyed, tired, and eventually lose your motivation because it feels “hard.”

Be realistic in choosing a workout regimen. You might not be ready yet for a full 30-minute workout every day. You can just do 10 minutes every other day just to get yourself used to spending time for the sole purpose of getting your heart rate up. Enjoy sweating first.

You can also start with familiar physical activities such as jogging or swimming. Even just doing any activity at least once a week is a good idea as long as you have the mindset to continue throughout the year.

Another mistake that might have happened before is that you’re expecting yourself to immediately love working out. Some people simply just don’t have the same excitement to do daily physical activities, and that’s okay.

Over time, you’ll find yourself feeling better just by the thought that you exercised. The feeling that the workouts don’t feel as difficult, the progress on your body, or even just by the fact that you don’t get out of breath as easily.

So how are you going to maintain the enthusiasm and drive to continue working out? You need to be realistic in setting goals, but you also have to consider long term motivation. Oftentimes, trying to shame or guilt yourself to exercise is an example of short-term motivation. Your reasons to start and continue working shouldn’t be vague.

Maybe once you achieve the body that you dream of, you can then workout to strengthen your mindset, increase your energy, or reduce stress from work. Exercise has to give you something fulfilling for your life and not just because you’re pressuring yourself.

Afterward, you might as well reward yourself with homemade ice cream made with the best blender for ice. But a healthy version, of course.