Your old house can be improved! whether it is an old house that has just been bought new. Or will it be the same house that you want to renovate an old house to be beautiful and livable or improved to meet the current usage and living conditions?

When you are interested in home improvement of your old house, This article will help you to “introduce inexpensive ways to home improvement with Aleko home improvement products” that you can use as an idea for planning a home improvement. Even a small budget can follow.

10 Affordable Ways and Ideas For Your Home Can Be Beautiful Even With A Small Budget - renovate, paint, house, home, design, decor, brighten up

1. Add rooms, build walls, increase usable space

Many homes that want to renovate old houses are often renovated because they mainly want to increase the usable space. Whether with extended family have more members or want to expand to take advantage of the area.

The thing that can be done maybe to increase the room by partitioning the room. Building a wall covering the balcony to turn into a room or building a mezzanine wall or basement to another floor or add a room that is really useful.

Of course, this method of renovating an old house affects the structure of the house If you want to add more, you must first look at the impact, safety, and law, otherwise, there may be other problems.

2. Break the wall, connect the room, expand the usable area

This old house renovation idea is another very popular idea. By breaking the wall to expand the usable space, for example, connecting two rooms together into a single hall.

This method makes it look like new home in a certain zone. The house looks airy look more comfortable than the old house may divide the room into a proportion that is no longer needed

In addition, demolishing the connecting wall also increases usable space, just like the method of constructing a partition wall. It’s just that it’s useful from different angles.

Precautions for smashing walls It is recommended to look at the water system and the electrical system as well. If it breaks, is it necessary to change the wiring or water pipes?

3. Brighten up Add atmosphere to make the house look new

If your problem is to improve the house to be more pleasant. The new lighting can now change the atmosphere in the new home. This may start easily by changing the lamp from warm tones to cool tones or cool tones to warm tones increasing the light in the corners that were previously obscured or will add more decorative lights.  Maybe a few lights can help you feel like a new home. You may also be able to combine this idea with other inexpensive old house renovation ideas, especially if you want to change the atmosphere of your home.

4. Let more natural light into the house

Adding natural light to your home will help make the atmosphere look fresher and more natural.

Something that allows more natural light to enter the house, This can be done in many ways, such as adding more translucent glass. Adding a window perforating the window to make it a larger glass wall uses glass brick installation drilling holes in the ceiling until reaching the tree trimming so that the shade does not obscure the light.

5. Paint or change the atmosphere of the house with the walls

For renovating an old house at an affordable price new house painting It might be an idea that many people think of because just repainting is like getting a whole new house. Because the walls are like the skin of the house that no one can see. Affects the atmosphere 100%, just the color tone has changed, the atmosphere has changed to a different person.

You may change from a plain wall to be more colorful Change from the old wall that looks dull. With new bright colors Or you can add a pattern to make it stand out and liven up the room or the house. In addition to repainting You may change the material of the wall change from plank walls to cement walls plaster walls to wallpaper. Or add brick walls, depending on your creativity and preferences.

6. Renovate an old house with a new floor

It has been painted and the walls have been replaced. As for folk, it is another element that should be changed accordingly, To make the color and style consistent with the overall picture of the house.

As well as changing the wall you can change both colors and materials, there are a variety of colors and patterns to play with, such as tiles, stone tiles, planks, parquet, rubber mats, carpets, etc., or the most popular one is to remove planks or tiles. Removed and polished the floor to be bare cement, it looks smooth, cool, and stylish in another way. The bare cement floor also saves the cost of making new floors from renovating old houses as well. Because many times home renovations tend to ruin the local conditions.

7. Change furniture and things in the house

We don’t have to think too much about demolition or construction. If the problem of renovating an old house at an affordable price is to improve the house or change the style. Changing furniture in the house can help with this!

My advice for changing furniture to look like new home is to choose a complete set of furniture, such as furniture and kitchen appliances. Changing the furniture set in the living room or bedroom, etc. Choose to change just some pieces If the item is large, it will greatly affect the overall atmosphere. For example, bookshelves, bar counters, sofas, etc.

8. Rearrange the layout or layout of the room

A continuation of buying/replacing furniture in a new home is arranging the room by focusing on the layout of the new room, not just organizing the room and decorating the room by adding decorations, which way of arranging a new room layout It is considered the most economical way to renovate an old house.

Room layout much of this is determined by large furniture placement and spaces, so a simple room layout can be a good idea. just change the position of that furniture for example change the bed position. Bring the sofa in the living room that used to be in the middle of the room, close to the wall, etc. Just change the placement of the whole room throughout the house. Guarantee that you will feel that the atmosphere in the house was completely different.

9. Upgrade the front of the house and the entrance of the house to look new

If you want to renovate your home to look as good as new, Improving the front of the house and the entrance to the new house is an option that seems to help you get a whole new home.

Because when the face of the front of the house changes The feeling of the person looking into it also changed.

Upgrading the front of the house to look like new can be done in many ways, whether it’s changing fences, painting new fences, removing fences, landscaping – or adding more plants.

Painting the front wall, sticking to the light, adding something to the front of the house, etc. That’s it; you can now adjust the style of the whole house.

10. Overhaul change the whole house

Methods and ideas to renovate an old house at an affordable price in various ways. You can do this together by choosing to renovate the whole house. Whether to paint Renovation of rooms, the addition of eaves, and installation of more glass windows.

Change the layout of the house by changing the position of the doors and windows, making new floors.

Such as the example in Fig. The renovated ordinary old cement house, can be a garden house that looks warm in best style by maintaining the original house structure to control costs and safety