Easy Low-Carb Desserts

Giving up sugar and starch doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy amazing desserts once in a while. There are occasions when you might want to indulge in something special without getting a sugar rush and feeling bloated.Low-carb desserts don’t have to taste like cardboard. These fabulous creations prove that and so much more with their delicious flavor and texture. We’re talking everything from cakes to brownies and even ice cream, which can stand alone or be served with both.

Coconut Cacao Tahini Snack Bites

Easy Low Carb Desserts


simple snack recipe from Minimalist Baker

Wonder Cookies

Easy Low Carb Desserts


vegan, grain-free, and date-sweetened chocolate chip cookie recipe courtesy of The First Mess.

No-Bake Paleo Lemon Bars

Easy Low Carb Desserts


Food Faith Fitness no-bake Paleo lemon bar recipe

Strawberry Meringue Cookies

Easy Low Carb Desserts


strawberry meringue cookies from Fed + Fit

Raw Key Lime Pie

Easy Low Carb Desserts


raw dessert recipe from Hello Glow

Healthy Peanut Butter Fudge

Easy Low Carb Desserts


peanut butter fudge recipe from Minimalist Baker

Raw Carrot Cake Slice with Tangy Citrus Frosting

Easy Low Carb Desserts

carrot cake from The First Mess

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