Beach Inspiration: 18 Ways to Look Stylish This Summer (Part 1)

Just because you’re laid-back and relaxed doesn’t mean you needn’t think about your look. With a little careful planning, you can put together a myriad of cute beach outfit ideas that let you look your best while you’re enjoying the sun, sea and sand. Even the best of us find that over the course of winter, our styles have changed from last summer. What was in then isn’t as appealing today. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a whole new outfit (but hey, go for it!). Sometimes all we need to do is a bit of mix and matching, or borrowing from a friend. There are a variety of beach outfits you could put together for your beach vacation, beach event, beach date, or day at the beach. Depending on why you’re going to the beach in the first place will determine what type of beach outfit you should wear. Here we present you 18 great ideas, and for more ideas click here.

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