Being able to visit your dream destinations and write about them makes travelling fun and rewarding. Nothing compares to being able to document and share stories about your travel expeditions for others to read.

7 Tips For Travel Writers - writers, travel, tips, technologies, pictures, notes

But as a travel writer, the financial investment travelling demands shouldn’t be the only thing that should bother you. According to WritingJobz, the uniqueness of your writing, how you relay your stories and carry your audience along is equally important. So, if you are eager to succeed as a travel writer, here are cool tips for you.

1. Identify your goal

One of the things you should consider before embarking on any trip is your goal. What do you plan to achieve in that particular journey? That’s your goal. It could be to climb to the top of Mount Everest, catch a monster fish or go scuba diving.

Having a goal will give your audiences a clear idea of where you are taking them to. And it can even inspire them to read your article from start to finish because they want to know if you ended up achieving your goal or not.

You can use a statement like “I want to climb to the top of Mount Everest” or “I want to visit the president of…” But at the end of your article, let the readers know if your targeted goal was achieved or not.

2. Keep notes

Even if you have a good memory and can remember things quickly, you will benefit when you keep notes. Do not wait until you have enough time and space to write every single detail. Endeavour to take notes every time you step out of your hotel or place of residence for any engagement.

3. Invest in new technologies

The last thing you need in your trips is a faulty camera, disjointed tripod stand or a slow computer. Having such gadgets will not only slow you down but waste your precious time.

You also do not need heavy gadgets that will increase the weight of items in your bag. Instead, invest in lightweight tech gadgets. You should also check your devices properly to ensure they are in good working condition before embarking on any trip.

4. Remember to take pictures

An image they say, says a thousand words. So, even if you plan to write an epistle about your trip (though being concise is better), you still need pictures to keep your article alive and exciting to read. So, take enough pictures on your next trip, and ensure the quality is good enough to use.

5. Invest in guest posting

Guest posting can help to increase your audience, which is good if you want high returns or financial gains for your hard work. But you should not spend time pitching every outlet you come across because many do have an editorial calendar and most of them do not accept guest posts from freelance writers.

Some platforms also request a fee before publishing a guest post. But even if you are going to pay, ensure it’s a high-quality blog or website. In other words, the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Ranking (PR) should be high. Traffic is also another thing to consider too.

6. Polish your photo editing skills

Is your photo editing skills good enough? If no, then you need to do something about it. Keep in mind that the weather will not always cooperate with you. And you need high-quality pictures to enhance the quality of your article or blog.

As a travel writer, you need to know how to use photo editing software to transform your photos or edit them to the quality you so desire.

7. Start your travel article strong

Avoid boring introductions that can send your readers to sleep. Even if your intro is short, it should be captivating. Keep in mind that if you cannot keep your readers hooked, another travel writer will.


Your travel articles need to stand out if you want to get more traffic to your blog or increase your popularity in the niche.  And that’s because the competition is high. There are hundreds of travel blogs and writers out there who might even be more ambitious than you. But if you know the direction to take as a travel writer, you won’t struggle to impress or achieve growth. The tips on this post can help you improve your work.