From simple, classic studs to more intriguing designs to create a personal statement, earrings for women come in different shapes and sizes but never fail to impress.

Earrings are one of the most quintessential accessories for women. While there are some designs for men as well, it is predominantly the women who sport earrings on most occasions. They are simpler than other accessories, yet can be more powerful to create a personal style statement. There is a plethora of choices too, fulfilling the demand of many different personalities. From classic hoops and studs to more intricate modern pieces, they can immediately enhance the look and feel of your outfit. They are quite versatile too, each particular design can be worn with many different outfits on various occasions, making them great to have in your drawer. The same reasons make them an interesting item for gifts as well.

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Best Materials for Earrings

There are many materials that can be used to craft earrings for women, men, and children. After all, even if you just wear a little piece of thread in your ear, it can be considered as an earring. However, for adults looking for accessories to wear every day or on important occasions, earrings made of precious metals are the go-to option. Traditional materials include sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold; whereas, the contemporary trends also include the use of stainless steel. Different metals offer a different kind of aesthetics and versatility, costing different sums of money for different designs. Irrespective of the materials though, the craftsmanship of the artisans in forging the metals into intricate shapes is key to creating memorable earring designs.

Earrings Adorned with Gemstones

Looking for something more glamourous? What about a special earring to commemorate a special occasion? Then, you have look for earrings adorned with glitters and precious gemstones. Ideal as a precious gift for the loved ones, the designs that incorporate diamonds or other sparkling gemstones can immediately make you stand out in the crowd. You would find a great variety of options here too – from shapes such as hearts, ovals, and squares to more classic studs covered with one or multiple gemstones. These earrings are particularly popular among women who like to dress down, but use accessories to create a statement. They are also suitable to wear in any evening parties and other celebratory occasions.

Create Your Own Rules

Similar to any other types of jewellery, earrings also tend to have some stylistic guidelines. However, being relatively smaller in size and understated, it offers an abundance of freedom to create your own style. Modern-day designs aren’t just limited to hoops, studs, and heart shapes. Rather, they can be shaped as you like – hexagon, arrow, cube, butterflies, trees, flowers, stars, and whatnot. Some people also like alphabetic shapes or a big round circle adorned with pendants and charms. So, instead of limiting yourselves with old-fashioned advice, embrace the different stylistic choices of earrings that express your personality the most.