Whether you’re moving into a new home or apartment or you’re just looking to revamp your current living space, there are areas you should splurge in and others where you can save. After all, there are plenty of DIY ideas you may love and be able to execute. The result we all want for our homes is to be an indicator of our style, welcoming and comfortable. So, you may be a minimalist, or you may be a maximalist, or somewhere in between, but this splurge or save list is universal.

Where to Splurge or Save in Your Home - splurge, save, renovations, linens, home decor, furniture, dishes

Splurge on Linens

From your bedsheets to your curtains, the linens in your home are an area where you want to splurge. Depending on your budget, your definition of splurge may be another’s saving, but you want to go as high-end as you can. The texture of the linens you sleep on will directly affect the quality of sleep you get at night, and sleep is a critical restoration time. When it comes to window dressings, they’re something everyone that visits will notice, and you have to look at them every day. They can make or break a room, so go for the highest quality you can afford.

Save on Dishes

While it used to be that fine china was the epitome of class and elegance, those days are gone. Nowadays, you can find beautiful but hardy dishes and flatware at affordable prices. You can find them in virtually any aesthetic and at every price point. Depending on the vibe of your home, if you elevate in the right places in other areas of decor, you can get away with using dishes and flatware from thrift stores exclusively. Saving in this area also opens up funds for seasonal or thematic dishware if you host many events or love setting whimsical tables based on the season or holiday.

Splurge on Decor

In the same way that you stare at your window treatments and bed linens daily, you’ll also stare at the decor in your home. When it comes to decor, quality over quantity every time. Get creative with it; houseplants like a beautiful Glacier Pothos or ZZ plant count as decor. When you’re decorating your walls with art, think long and hard about whether a piece ties a room together and if you’ll still love it a decade from now. Investing in real, quality art is always a return on investment and you should avoid framed posters or reprints. Your style is individual to you or your family, so choose pieces representing you and everyone in your household. In the same way, you avoid fast-fashion clothing, avoid cheap artwork and decor items.

Save on Furniture

This may seem counterintuitive as you stare at your furniture in the same sections mentioned above, but you also use your furniture daily. If it’s just you in the household and you don’t have pets, by all means, put a dent in your AmEx. Otherwise, save a little in this department. Furniture is easily subject to wear and tear stains and pet hair. While you don’t want to go with the cheapest object on the market, it’s a smart idea to hit that sweet spot in the middle when shopping. An excellent way to do this is to visualize your dream couch or chaise and then peruse images online until you find one that matches your vision but saves you money where you can.

Splurge on Renovations

Sometimes instead of buying new things for our home, we need to revamp the space. Maybe you’d be better off losing that small office and making your bedroom larger. Perhaps you need another bathroom or at least a half bath somewhere else in the house. We all know we can expect renovations to take longer than expected and go over budget, so it’s best to go ahead and treat yourself and splurge on whatever renovation or addition you want for your home. Besides, while some additions can detract from home (like a swimming pool), most renovations will show you a positive return on your investment should you decide to sell.

We all want our homes to indicate to anyone who visits about who we are, what we value, and what we stand for. Let the decoration and layout of your home do that, but do it smartly using the guidelines above. It’s best to be able to splurge more than you thought you could if you saved in the brighter areas. Here’s to you and your style!