It’s true, styles do come back around, and vintage clothes are having a (serious) moment!

Gen-Z can’t seem to get enough of styling their everyday wardrobe with nostalgic pieces. From retro Nike sweatshirts to ’90s Burberry checked print shirts, even crocs have come back into fashion (though that’s still a divisive matter…)

Whilst it may be on-trend and increasingly accessible these days to buy vintage clothes online, it also has added economic benefits.

How Shopping Vintage Benefits You, The Planet & Your Wallet - vintage, shopping, self-expression, benefit

Now more than ever, people are joining the fight against fast fashion, saving money and shopping for all things retro. Below we are looking at the benefits of vintage shopping not only for you, your wallet, and the planet.

Helping The Planet

According to climate experts, we only have 12 years to change our ways before the environmental damage we have caused becomes irreversible. You may or may not be surprised to discover that the fashion industry generates more greenhouse gasses than international flights and maritime shipping combined.

Fast fashion is one of the major drivers of environmental damage. But luckily for us, you can play your part by shopping vintage.

Of course, this is not the only change that we need to be making as a society, but by making a statement with your wallet, we can increase the pressure on global brands to amend their processes for green, environmentally conscious and sustainable practices.

The average lifespan of a garment bought in the UK is just 2.2 years. By choosing to shop vintage, you are helping to close the loop, meaning that you are supporting the fashion world to operate in a circular model.

Making this conscious decision to close the loop will help reduce emissions and the amount of waste that ends up in landfills; fast-fashion products usually cannot be recycled due to being made of non-biodegradable material.

Better Quality

Vintage clothes have stood the test of time for a reason. Older clothes were often made with much higher quality materials than those produced by fast fashion companies today.

Clothes produced by fast fashion outlets are rarely made from single fibre materials, meaning they are less durable and made with non-biodegradable material. Vintage clothes were built to last!

It Won’t Break The Bank

Not only are you shopping for quality, but you can also find a bargain.

With reseller apps such as depop and eBay, it’s now easier than ever to ensure that you get a good deal and find rare items from all eras, such as a 60’s mod jacket to a 90’s pair of jeans.

However, if you prefer to shop in person, charity shops and vintage popups are also great alternatives to finding amazing bargains in your area.

Self Expression

Fashion is about expressing yourself through your wardrobe and having fun doing so. Shopping vintage clothing lets you explore trends that might not be ‘current’ or ‘mainstream’, but it can help find your signature style.

When people think of why they go vintage shopping, their first thought is for reasons of style and aesthetic; going “thrifting” with friends is a trendy thing to do. But if you are shopping vintage, why not tell your friends that you’re choosing recycled, ‘reloved’ clothes because it’s sustainable?

Mixing up the narrative of buying vintage clothes online or in-store from purely aesthetic-based to eco-conscious allows more people to view this as a viable alternative to high street brands. The more people choose vintage, the better!

By shopping vintage fashion, you are not only being fashionable as well as getting a good deal, but you are also playing your part in the fight for climate change and demonstrating compassion for the environment.