A car accident can lead to serious injuries and major financial losses. Victims of the accidents who didn’t receive compensation through an insurance claim have the opportunity to start a legal claim. The claim could provide a legal avenue for the individual to get money to cover expenses related to the auto accident. By asking the appropriate questions, the potential client learns what to do moving forward.  

What to Ask Your Lawyer for Your Car Accident Case - lawyer, insurer, case, car, accident

What Are the First Steps?

By asking about the first steps of a legal claim, the claimant learns where to get started with the case. The attorney must discuss the case with the prospective client and determine if the case is viable. If the victim didn’t report the accident, there isn’t a viable claim because there isn’t an accident report.

The claimant needs evidence of their injuries and any financial losses incurred due to the auto accident. If you are a victim of an auto accident, you need to hire a lawyer for your accident to get started on a legal claim. 

What Type of Damages Could Be Recovered?

In an auto accident case, claimants could receive compensation for financial losses. These losses include lost wages, auto repair costs, and medical expenses. The attorney calculates the total amount the victim lost because of the accident.

If the person suffered a permanent loss such as the loss of a limb or organ function, the claimant may be entitled to non-economic losses or what the attorney refers to as tort-based awards. The non-economic losses aren’t related to how much money the person lost, but the awards are more about providing compensation because of the permanent loss and their ability to support themselves financially. 

Is Compensation for Future Medical Costs Possible?

Severe injuries could require ongoing medical care that generates higher than average costs. These costs must be included in monetary awards in a personal injury case. While the claimant cannot calculate an exact amount, the court can make arrangements to require the defendant to cover these expenses in the future.  

Will the Case Settle Out of Court?

Some cases but not all personal injury claims can be settled out of court. The attorney cannot guarantee that the claim will be settled out of court, but they can try to negotiate with the defendant’s attorney or insurer to arrive at a settlement. When discussing the case, the lawyer can determine if a settlement is a probability.  

Should I Talk to the Defendant’s Lawyer or Insurer?

At any time that a victim decides to start a legal claim, the client should never talk to the opposing party’s attorney or insurer. By calling the plaintiff, the opposition will try to achieve a settlement and avoid going to court.

If the claimant says the wrong thing to the defendant’s legal counselor or insurer, the person could agree to these terms unintentionally. The victim should direct any calls to the attorney and avoid discussing the case with no one other than the attorney. Once a claimant accepts the offer, the case won’t go any further or provide any additional compensation for financial losses.  

Car accident cases can lead to compensation for victims. To get compensation, the person must start a legal claim and prove that the at-fault driver is liable for the injuries and financial losses. By asking an attorney the most appropriate questions about the case, the claimant learns what to do and how to collect compensation.