Fire suppression systems are something that every homeowner hopes to never need but which are essential in every building. There are many different kinds of fire suppression systems out there, and it helps to know what your options are. From dry agent fire suppression systems to high-tech fire alarm systems, you owe it to anybody who lives or visits your home to be ready in case of an emergency.

What are Your Home Fire Suppression Options? - sprinkler systems, home fire system, fire alarms, fire, alarm

Professional Installation and Testing

While basic fire suppression systems, such as extinguishers and battery-powered alarms, can be placed by a layperson, it often helps to have a professional on hand to do the installation and yearly testing. This is especially true when using advanced dry agent fire suppression systems, as they can stop fires very quickly but only if they are operating at the proper level of efficiency. You can get professional assistance from Control Fire Systems Ltd. fire suppression system installation and testing, which has a staff of experienced and certified professionals available for your fire suppression system needs. The value of having a skilled professional handle the installation and inspection of your system is the ability to catch little things that many people miss during fire suppression system testing, which can compromise the safety of your home.

Dry Agent Systems

Among the different fire suppression systems available, dry agent fire suppression systems are among the most effective. Also known as clean agent fire suppression systems, these home fire defenses often come in the form of extinguishers that you can keep on hand in case of emergency. A dry agent system expels inert gases and chemical agents over the course for between 10 and 20 seconds to extinguish a fire. After the initial fire suppression system installation, an unused extinguisher does lose its effectiveness over time. For this reason, fire suppression system testing should be done on a yearly basis at least, preferably by a certified professional.

Alarms and Sprinkler Systems

A professional fire suppression system installation job can encompass more than just adding fire extinguishers. The installer can also look into options such as hardwired fire alarms and even sprinklers if your home will support such a system. Of these two options, the addition of a hardwired fire alarm system is particularly valuable. Battery-powered units can run out of power if you forget to replace the batteries. By wiring an alarm into your house’s grid, you have a more reliable warning system and can also have a battery backup. If your home supports a sprinkler system, adding one in can also stop a potentially devastating fire while it is still getting started.

The proper fire suppression system can save your home, family, and loved ones. By looking to professionals and getting the best equipment you can find, your options for protection become greatly increased. No matter what choice you settle on, you should also make sure to have a professional perform fire suppression system testing on a regular basis to make sure that all your equipment is up to date and your home is as protected as possible.