Eighteen-wheelers are dangerous vehicles even when driven by competent drivers. The dangers become even more pronounced when a driver is under the influence of a stimulant. While truck drivers are essential for the normal operation of the country, the pressures they face on the job can lead to the misuse of stimulants. Learning about these dangers is essential for both truckers and other drivers.

What Are the Dangers of Stimulant Use for Truck Drivers? - truck driver, stimulant, accedent, abuse

Truck Drivers Find It Difficult to Stay Awake

Although regulations are in place to prevent long hours without rest, truck drivers are often pushed beyond their limits. When a truck driver causes catastrophic injuries, victims need to learn details from Abels and Annes.

Unfortunately, stimulate use among truck drivers is rising. Many drivers are first faced with stimulant use by drinking too much coffee or overusing caffeinated drinks. Eventually, these do not do enough to keep drivers awake, and they end up needing something stronger.

Stimulants Pack a Punch Much Harder Than Coffee

Multiple stimulants are available, and even legal, for truck drivers. Unfortunately, there are some stimulants that are illegal and can cause great dangers. Even legal stimulants can be abused. Truck drivers must be aware of the dangers of stimulant use. The following offers information on some of these dangers.

  • Stimulant abuse often leads to addiction.
  • Using stimulants prevents a truck driver from focusing on the road and the operations of their truck.
  • Another danger of stimulant use is health issues. Stimulants rob the body of energy and can create serious health concerns which can lead to increased irritability.
  • Absent-mindedness occurs when a truck driver takes stimulants day after day for weeks on end.
  • Truckers who use stimulants are more likely to find themselves experiencing road rage or making poor decisions.
  • Stimulant abuse can also lead to wakeful intoxication. A truck driver will seem drunk or asleep at the wheel even though they are fully awake.

Under the influence of strong stimulants, truck drivers are typically unable to maintain control of their trucks. They may exhibit erratic driving habits that lead to serious accidents. When a large eighteen-wheeler collides with a much smaller vehicle, catastrophic injuries often result.

What Should Injured Victims Do After a Serious Truck Accident?

If a person is seriously injured in a truck accident, they need to take immediate action to protect their rights and best interests. Many injured victims feel intimidated by the process and may not know their rights or the steps involved in pursuing fair compensation.

Aside from seeking medical care, injured victims need to schedule a consultation appointment with a personal injury attorney. Meeting with an attorney gives injured victims the legal guidance they need to pursue fair compensation for their injuries and damages.

Time Is Running Out

One of the most important things an injured truck accident victim needs to be aware of is the statute of limitations in their state. The statute of limitations is the time limit a victim has to file their lawsuit. Once the statute of limitations has expired, the injured victim will have no further recourse for pursuing compensation.

Because time is of the essence, injured victims must meet with an attorney as soon as possible and start pursuing their injury claim. An attorney will take over all the steps involved in the process and will work towards helping their injured clients receive the compensation they are owed.