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When you are trying to finish an assignment or job, it can be a challenge to stay motivated, especially when you aren’t interested in the work. However, there are ways to stay focused, one of which is using persuasion on yourself. While you may have heard of influencing others with persuasion, it is also possible to convince yourself to accomplish a goal or task. Keep reading for advice.

Using Persuasion to Stay Motivated - persuasion, motivated, advice


If you are trying to persuade someone, this means that you wish to get them to do something that you want to do. In some circles, this may seem dishonest, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Perhaps you need a team to work together to finish a project. If you are able to persuade them to meet this goal by persuading them on the talent that each is skilled with, this is something that help you meet a goal.

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Staying Motivated With Persuasion

When you are trying to motivate yourself, you may also utilize persuasion, but you will need to determine what it is that drives you. If you would like to engage in another activity more than work, this could be the key into getting down to business.

You can be sure that you understand you will be able to go out for a drink once you finish your task, and there are other benefits you may take advantage of as well. On the flip side, you can make a list of things that will go badly if you don’t finish your work.

Looking at a list of good versus bad outcomes could lead you to want to get more work done, so you don’t lose out on money or your job.

Another way to stay motivated is by being sure of your accomplishments. You should do your best to persuade yourself that you will be able to succeed and get ahead in your career. To achieve this, you can write down all the things that you have accomplished in your life, including accolades you have won, jobs you have completed, and people that have given you compliments.

When you are surer that you will be able to finish work when it is due, this could lead you to getting everything done in a timely manner. You might simply need to give yourself a little pat on the back to get going.

Ask for Advice

If there are people that you know that have met goals that seem insurmountable to you, it may be worthwhile to ask them for advice. They might have tips for you that are actionable, which you can utilize in your daily life.

On the flip side, if you need more help staying motivated, it may be beneficial to talk to a therapist for more techniques on motivation and persuasion. A therapist can provide you with their expert advice on how to keep your goals in mind and work through them, even in times when you are feeling less than enthusiastic. Moreover, they should be able to diagnose you with a mental health condition, if this is the reason that you are unable to stay motivated. Treatment options can also be discussed.


Persuading yourself to be motivated is possible, and it may not be difficult to accomplish either. You really need to keep your goals in mind, write out a pros and cons list, and reward yourself after you complete a hard assignment. You can also choose to ask for advice or work with a professional for additional support.