Post-Pandemic Americans are more eager to explore other opportunities regarding their employment. After a couple of years of inconsistencies, many are ready to break free from the typical 9 to 5 office environment and branch out independently. While self-employment comes with risks, it also gives you the opportunity to live life to the fullest. Below are a few advantages of becoming a free agent.

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No Longer Commute

Commuting to and from work consumes valuable time. It also causes stress, and wear and tear on your vehicle and with gas prices escalating, can cost you hundreds of dollars monthly. You drastically reduce the risk of a car accident or roadside breakdown. When you work for yourself from the comfort of your home you wake up later, leaving you feeling better rested. If you have young children, you can feed and dress them each morning and then drive them to school. And, the end of your workday only involves closing down the computer.

Time Off

One of the best perks of self-employment is the ability to take time off whenever you want, within reason. If you have a social gathering coming up, you simply mark it on your calendar. There’s no more working up the courage to ask your boss for the time off. Plays during the day, after-school practices and meets, workouts and appointments are all something now doable.

Vacation Year-Round

Many Americans work for large companies that use a seniority list for vacations. For newer employees, this means that going on vacation during a time of the year that benefits you can be nearly impossible. That all ends when you work for yourself. You are the seniority and the voice that decides when you go on your next vacation. For example, you can plan a trip to Puerto Rico and stay at the Plazamar Hotel. At the end of your two weeks, you decide to extend your stay for a few more weeks or even a few months. With your computer in tow, you can work from anywhere that provides access to the internet.

Improve Mental Health

Self-employment puts you in control of your destiny. You no longer deal with office cliques, gossip and an unapproachable boss. You end the long commute, get up later, and are able to plan activities and appointments at your convenience. There’s no one breathing down your neck about menial work tasks, and every decision is yours to make.

Eliminate the 9 to 5 Work Time

Another benefit to self-employment is the ability to customize your work schedule. If you’re not really a morning person, start your day at 11:00. If you have small children that attend daycare or school, you can start work after you take them first. Instead of shopping after 7:00 p.m., you can shop mid-day when most Americans are at work.

No Salary Cap

When you’re an employee you’re at the mercy of the company for a raise. Often there are salary caps for varied positions. As a member of the self-employed club you have the ability to earn as much as you want. Around the holidays or birthdays, you can increase your workload to improve your earnings.

Select the Work

In the past, as an employee you did the work put in front of you regardless of your opinion. Now, taking on the role of the boss, you decide what work you take on. If you run into a conflict with a client, you can choose to cancel future jobs. One such job is an online English language teacher.

Develop Long-Lasting Business Relationships

Self-employment lets your skill set shine. Your work ethics pay-off can lead to long-term business relationships. The benefits of this come in the form of guaranteed work and additional income through name recognition.

The pandemic took a toll on many Americans. For some, self-employment is now on their radar as a way to take control of their lives. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully prior to handing in a resignation.