There are few things in life more satisfying than riding your bike on the empty highways, with nothing but the sunset and the wind in front of you. If you’re a passionate biker, you’ll find new ways to integrate your ride into your daily activities and even vacation plans, so this means you might have already thought about a long road trip.

There are thousands of places worth visiting in this world but, no matter where you’re heading, you need to carefully plan your next trip, especially if you want to ride your bike. Here are some useful tips that will ensure your vacation plans are not ruined and you get to enjoy the most romantic and iconic sceneries in the entire country.

Useful Tips for Planning the Perfect Vacation on Your Motorcycle - vacatin, tips, Storage, Space, season, planing, motorcycle, light, emergency kit

Choose the perfect season

Depending on where you start your journey from, you need to pay close attention to the weather conditions. Generally speaking, the best time for long-term road trips are from early summer to early fall. The temperatures are perfect and you get more hours of day-riding, which is less stressful.

In some states like Florida, Nevada or California you can also plan your trips in early winter but we don’t encourage you to cross the state borders unless you packed winter equipment also.

Pack light

Once you figured out the perfect route and time to start your trip, you need to think about your luggage. Since most choppers and motorcycles come with limited storage space, there is no need to pack too many clothes or items with you.

Saddlebags are a great choice for those who want to maximize the storage space and balance the weight of the bike.

Choose your clothes wisely, according to the weather outside and how long you plan on being away from home. One set of clothes per day might seem fair for most trips but, if you plan on taking the bike for a spin, you might want to mix & match the items in your wardrobe to keep your luggage as light as possible.

Dress appropriately

We cannot stress enough the importance of protective gear, so don’t even think of setting foot on the highway without wearing the right clothes. A leather jacket, a protective helmet, high-quality gloves, and a pair of goggles are the minimum accessories you want to invest in before your road trip.

Some leather riding boots and even a cool pair of pants will complete the outfit and keep you safe and stylish on the saddle. As a general rule, you may want to pack an extra pair of gloves, goggles, and a warmer jacket in case of wear, tear or minor accidents.

You’ll also have to invest in some earplugs, especially if you ride on the highway to avoid too much pressure on your ears.

Pack a small emergency kit

You may want to take a few t-shirts off your luggage to make room for a travel emergency kit. This first-aid kit should include a powerful flashlight, an external battery, a Swiss army knife, bandaids, mild antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills, and some rubbing alcohol.

These items will keep you safe and stop superficial bleeding in case of impacts until you find the nearest hospital or clinic.

Stay hydrated and rest

Last but not least, make sure you avoid exhaustion or fatigue caused by long hours of riding. Take a break every one and a half hours and don’t forget to drink enough water, especially if you ride during the day.

Don’t ride your bike for more than 6-7 hours daily and remember to also enjoy the landscapes as much as possible. After all, you are on vacation, so having fun and staying safe in your saddle are the most important things to take into account.