Every single one of our smiles is unique and beautiful, and every single one of us has the right to feel comfortable in our own skin, regardless of the current state of our smiles.

Our smiles are powerful, giving us a number of benefits when we use them. We should feel comfortable using them whenever and however we please. Things like teeth that are tinted just a shade darker than where we believe they should be, chips that distort the shape of our teeth, and other similar issues frequently make us self-conscious, uncomfortable in our own skin: and none of us should have to deal with feeling like our smile isn’t enough.

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Every now and then you may look in the mirror and hyper-fixate on a particular flaw, and that may have a negative impact on your mental health. Whether the issue is that your teeth are just a shade too yellow for your comfort, you have a gap caused by a missing tooth that’s making your anxiety spike, or you just don’t like the way your smile looks, it’s okay to look into solutions that will make you feel more comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with investing in your oral health for your comfort and your security.

Let’s talk about some popular market solutions for common problems that people have with their smiles.

Whitening Your Teeth

Your dentist may have already talked to you about this, depending on the state of your natural teeth: professional whitening can be a great way to change the tone of your teeth overnight, getting you immediate results quickly. While yellow-tinted teeth aren’t necessarily unhealthy, teeth that are stained by years of coffee drinking and the like have been known to have a negative impact on people’s self-image. Fortunately, with whitening treatments that can be resolved quickly, and if used in conjunction with over-the-counter stuff, your whitening treatments are more likely to be bright and long-lasting. If your teeth are more sensitive in nature, you may want to consult this brief guide to find out how you can minimize sensitivity while getting your teeth whitened.

As long as your smile is healthy and you’ve been checked out by a hygienist, you have nothing to worry about: everything can be done to your comfort level.

Press-On Veneers

Staying in the world of cosmetics, there are press-on veneers, a way to conceal imperfections in your smile and make your smile appear picture-perfect, straight out of the dentist’s monthly magazine. Press-on veneers are a temporary, affordable solution for people who experience distress when looking in the mirror and seeing gaps in their teeth, chips, or other features that they fear are unattractive or unappealing. These veneers look like natural teeth, completing your smile by filling in the spaces that you’re concerned about.

Press-on veneers can help you project an image you’re comfortable with to the world; if you fear that your issues run a bit deeper than that, don’t be afraid to speak with a professional hygienist.

Orthodontic Treatment

On the other side is professional orthodontic treatment. While veneers are excellent at covering cracks, chips, and missing teeth, making your smile appear whole, orthodontists specialize in straightening crooked teeth and slowly reconfiguring your smile into a shape you’re comfortable with. While the effects of orthodontic treatment are usually reliable and long-lasting, you’ll also have to endure discomfort for a while, whether you choose to use traditional wire braces or newer aligners like Invisalign. If your issues are more minor in nature, press-on veneers will help you resolve them at half the price associated with processes like this.

No matter how your smile looks now, self-love is an important thing to practice while you work on making yourself more comfortable with your smile. While you practice any one of the methods above, (or multiple, if you feel it’s appropriate) remember that you will get your smile where you want it: it’ll just take some time.