Cupboards are fantastic and essential in every home and even commercial buildings. After all, you don’t want everything you own on display!

Unfortunately there is a downside to a cupboard; light. A dark cupboard makes it very difficult to find what you’re looking for. That’s why you need to find the right under cupboard lighting solutions.

Of course there are several options when it comes to lighting up the space. You should consider each one in terms of the light it will provide, the cost of installing it and the amount of use you’ll get from it; i.e. are you planning on staying in your home for a long time.

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It is also important to contact a local and reliable Electrical Security Services firm; they will be able to handle any electrical installation issues without you having to risk your health; electricity is dangerous it is best to let the professionals handle this part.

Mains Lighting

You may want to fit down lighters or a standard pendent. The number of lights will depend on the space available in the cupboard. The lights need to be positioned to ensure all areas of the cupboard are illuminated.

The lights will need to be wired to a switch just inside or outside the cupboard; this will allow you to turn them on and off at will and find what you need.

Sensor Lights

You can take the above installation one step further and add a sensor. This can be a movement sensor or simply ne that is attached to the door handle.

As soon as the door is opened the switch is triggered and the lights come on. You won’t be able to sneak into the cupboard but it could be useful if you have your hands full.

Battery Powered

Another option is to use battery powered lights. This can be a good solution if you have a small cupboard or don’t wish to spend much money on installing lights.

Of course you’ll have to deal with the inconvenience of batteries failing and needing to be replaced. This is usually when you need the light in a hurry!

Solar Powered

Another option which is viable, especially if you’re looking to be greener; is to add a solar panel to your roof and wire the cupboard lights directly to it.

You may be able to complete this project yourself or you may prefer to get professional help. It can be a great way of experimenting with solar power before you invest in a larger scale project.

A Window

Another option is to install a window. This will depend on where the cupboard is located and the size of it. A window is generally only an option if your cupboard is the walk in type.

You’ll also need to consider what times of the day you use the cupboard most. Installing a new window is a fairly large undertaking and may not be worthwhile if you mainly use the cupboard in the evening; when it’s get darker outside.